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The Price of Booster Packs, Then and Now.


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So this is something i just remembered...




It's 1999, I'm a young kid, walking into the local game shop with one thing on my mind "Pokemon Fossil" so excited to get my hands on the latest set of ptcg cards, they had an entire bin stacked to the brim with the booster packs, *I'm almost in tears reminiscing this T_T*




Anyway, i pick up like 2 packs and go over to the counter, and i remember paying a single pound(GBP) for both of those packs, and so while remembering this it suddenly made me realize, a booster pack only cost 50 pence each in 1999. That so CHEAP in comparison to the prices we see today, i see prices ranging from £2.50-£4. Also remember you used to get 11 cards instead of 10.




Also im 100% i am remembering this correctly, even my parents have confirmed with me that it used to cost 50p.




(for reference 50p in 1999 is worth 70p 2015, and 50p(GBP) was like 70c(USD) in 1999 which is now almost a dollar 2015) - Based on some of my on research, cant confirm its to the dot accurate-




SO i was wandering why has the price gone up so much since those days, economy?, increase in ptcgs popularity?, Y2K? lolz.




Man i would love to go back to 1999 :D

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That is a very interesting topic.


Now going about 15 years back in time for me it is difficult to remember exactly what the price was. I paid around 2000 with one of the most solid currencies, the German Mark it was, and now have to give Euros. This is one of the problems I'm not sure about the prices, the fact that German Pokémon boosters are more expensive than English boosters we can put aside as a well known fact. :(


First comes the average exchange rates. For 10 Euros I got the following values


yearPoundsDollar19996,2210,6620077,3313,7120148,0613,29 [/table]

For those 10 Euros I can get today 2 booster packs here in a regular shop. Card stores usually sell them for 20% less in Germany.

I remember for sure that in 2007 for the Power Keeper sets I paid 10 Euro too for 2 booster packs in a regular shop - so that price was the same (about card stores at that time I hadn't knew anything).

But the interesting question for me is now as I bought boosters of Fossil and Jungle set for first time of the PTCG in 1999 if they were like 10 Euros too or half the price for 2 of them. I blame the currency change therefore that I can not remember and not the fact that this is more than 15 years ago. :) (note: Euro was introduced in 2002 but the currency had its solid value already in 1999 for which the comparison was made)


Even if it was just like 2.50 Euros for one booster this was still 1.55 pounds.

So comparing this with 2015 prices of around 4.03 pounds (for a regular non-related card store, and the fact I have no reference to earlier card stores) the prices easily doubled - but on the other hand were the same as in 2007 which is worth mentioning for my currency atleast.

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That's quite interesting, so it isn't just in England this happened, im no expert buy my guess to why this is the case, is most likely just simple economical reasons, rising cost of living, producing them, etc...


But another reason could be demand and the popularity of the tcg, back it 1999 pokemon was a huge fad, that included every merchandise they had, demand was high and it was mass produced (at least it England for sure, I remember ptcg cards was so easy to get a hold of I would often find cards just lying on the floor in streets and in the park, it was actually a big littering problem where I lived. Plus being a fairly new tcg we didn't have many cards as we do today or hardcore collectors so the value wasnt very high.

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Here in Canada, I remember when base and fossil first came out, it was $2.49 a pack. Now it is $4.49 a pack at most hobby shops. So almost double. Inflation can account for some of it, but still almost a 100% increase = (

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This is my own guess here so no one please blow a gasket upon seeing this.


My guess would be that the reason why packs have increased in price is because back in 1999 it was a new and with the Base Set there wasn't a real variety of cards in it so perhaps Wizards of the Coast didn't think it would take off outside of Japan at the time.


When it did take off it was obviously popular and cards were in demand so I guess to keep the printers rolling at lightspeed the prices had to go up. But then Nintendo took over and like any other big business decided to take the "more for less" route.


It can also be argued that you can get some incredibly powerful cards in todays packs which if you were to sell you would easily get your money back and make a profit in doing so.

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Yeah i was essentially thinking the same,


The prices at the moment aren't unreasonable, i would hope the prices dont get any higher than they are now though.

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