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1st post but i got the cards LF and FT


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FA teammates

M-Charizard EX (Y only)

Victory Piece

Mewtwo EX (any)

FA Victini (non-EX)

FA Reshiram (non-EX)

FA Zekrom (non-EX)

FA Kyurem (non-EX

Kyogre EX (any)

Any fighting/fire EX cards

Any Primes

Lugia Prime top half



FT NFT=not for trade

x1 Lucario EX

x1 Mega Lucario EX (regular)

x1 Mega Lucario EX (SR)

x3 Mega ascension Charizard EX Promo NFT

x1 Combustion Charizard EX

x1 Mega Charizard EX (Y) NFT

x2 Hawlucha EX

x1 Kyurem EX

x1 Magnizone EX

x1 Black Kyurem EX (Promo)

x1 White Kyurem EX (Promo)

x1 White Inferno White Kyurem EX NFT

x1 FA Camerupt EX

x1 FA Victini EX NFT

x1 Lugia EX (Promo)

x1 Chesnaut EX (Promo)

x1 Reshiram EX (Promo) NFT

x1 Feraligator Prime

x1 Typhlosion Prime

x1 Latios EX

x1 PC Groudon EX

x1 DEX FA Groudon EX NFT unless I really like it

x1 FA Primal Groudon EX NFT unless I really like it

x1 Scamory EX

x1 SR Meowth

x4 Fliptini (2 are promo) NFT

x1 FA Reshiram LT

x4 Ace Spec Cards ask about them

x2,000 more cards including rares

x1 dark HGSS energy

x0 packs

x1 and 2 of words merch

xNA everything else

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