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Deck Wizard fun


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Ok let’s have a little fun. Go to the deck wizard and create a new deck at random and post whatever you get. Then post what you would name the deck and talk about its “strengths” and weaknesses. We all have unique collections, so I’m sure we’ll get some unusual decks especially if we set it to make unlimited decks.


Here’s one that I got:


Victini EX x2

Regigigas EX x1

Voltorb x3

Electorde (Magnetic draw) x1

Electorde (eerie impluse) x3

Chimchar x2

Monferno x2

Infernape x2

Charizard EX (stoke) x1

Charizard EX (M ascension) x2

M Charizard EX (Charizard X) x2


Energy retrieval x4

Full heal x4

Red card x1

Engineer’s adjustments x4

Hooligans Jim and Cas x2

Skyarrow Bridge x2

Trick coin x3


Dark energy x1

Fire energy x13

Electric energy x5


The best name I can come up for this deck is “Slow Victory!” There is not too much that needs to be said about how poorly this deck functions. Although the Charizard and Victini combo could work, it is held back by there being only a single dark energy and making the M Charizard EX useless. The main source of this deck’s power is going to be those Infernape and the Regigigas, and with Victini being able to retreat easily thanks to Skyarrow Bridge, they will be charged up quickly.

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