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Huntail - Blastoise pls criticise and is it standard?


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Entering a standard tourney, first time tomorrow.


Manectric EX x 2


Keldeo EX x 1


Clamperl-Huntail x 3-3j


Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise x 3-1-3


Dedenne x 1


Skyla x 1


Korrina x 2 (Only one Skyla available)


Professor's Letter x 1


Head Ringer x 1


Dive Ball x 4


Ultra Ball x 2


VS Seeker x 1


Training Centre x 1


Rough Seas x 1


Rare Candy x 2


Energy Retrieval x 2


Evosoda x 2


Escape Rope x 1


Professor Sycamore x 4


Professor Birch x 3


Shauna x 1 (No N - DEX)


Water x 10


Electric x 5


DCE x 1


Too many items to try to get Blastoise and too few Blastoise? Realsitically what seems to happen is Manectric does some good damage, when he get knocked out Blastoise has to be active, but he has turned into a formidable combatant that I can't afford to retreat anyways, Huntail get dead and I never end up evolving another since I have committed so many resources to making Blastoise. Not sure how many rare and so on cards I have left to change but I could use whatever advice you guys have. Tried Archie's Ace and found all I ended up with was no cards in my hand, it worked once in turn 10 or something, I'm not smart enough for it. Tried using a pokemon with Omega Barrier on my bench as a 'battery' for powerful storm, but they inevitably came out when huntail was KOed, were subsequently KOed and no superior energy retrieval. Thoughts? Abandon? I tried using an Alpha growth Gorebyss, having a thin Kingdra line as energy accelerating powerful storm-inators also, took them out to put more draw power in and speed up Blastoise, tried using Wailord EX as my energy store, but he got knocked out also.
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Here are some ideas sticking purely with the idea of Huntail & Blastoise.


You could try to run heavy Keldeo EX and Rough Seas to use Rush In to buy some time to set up. You can also use Suicune to buy some turns. 3 Pokemon out (Suicunes or Keldeo EXs) with 3 energy on them each allows Huntail to deal 180. If it gets knocked out you have built up attackers already. You can even run DCE for a T2 70-90 with Keldeo EX/Suicune.


I would try to get another Skyla and some N. In the mean time I would run Cheren/Tierno over the Korrina.

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Seems to be working out, just picked up N (plural), will use them either early to mess up opponent's setup and save one for later if I am losing in prize cards. Super awesome to draw every turn if I can but I think I need to keep the Skyla and Korrinas (until I come into a few more Skyla), their major use is getting that dive ball or rare candy I need, I've consistently managed a Blastoise on turn 2 and half the time searching for an item is the difference maker. I can usually evolve a second one each game, the problem is getting energy at that point, usually one of my pokemon loaded with energy has been KOed and energy retrieval x 2 isn't enough late game, going to try superior ER. Dropped dedenne. Training Centre awesome: Huntail goes from 100 HP to 130HP, basically the absolute minimum survivability past one turn against an EX since the outrage dragon days, that mathematical boost means Huntail has a chance to fight another turn (you cannot heal a KOed pokemon). I would play two copies since there are so many new awesome type specfic stadiums I must discard. Chances are a quarter of people are probably playing with a copy of rough seas, I'll just use their's. I haven't gotten around to getting more Keldeo EX (killer), Suicune certainly has benefit also. . . is it just damage or all effects of opponents active EX ignored? FLF pyroar or more wonder energy-ish? (works against quaking hammer?)

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Note: Wonder Energy does not work against quaking hammer because it affects the player, not the Pokémon.


Safeguard blocks off effects and all damage completely, from every ex including your own.

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Makes sense, thanks for pointing out that important distinction. Wonder Energy is something like blah blah. . . to this Pokemon. . .blah blah, while Suicune's text reads Ignore all effects. . . or something to that effect. Picked up two. Working my way inexorably towards the runner up from 2014 whether I knew it or not: Black Kyurem EX, Blastoise, Keldeo EX. I just need to man up and walk away from Manectric EX, but he's so awesome: few EX's are as quick or as useful, I suppose he fits in nicely, too bad Mega Mannies energy acceleration isn't some kind of ability like Electrode PLF, at least it does a decent amount of damage, or anorexic amount of damage when compared with most Megas, I suppose. Any other ideas on how Suicune could be more useful, if I run multiple copies I would probably pack DCE more so, which works for Huntail. How better to take advantage of that ability? I thought maybe something like Swellow to force my opponents to make an EX active, Keldeo EX w/ float stone to always switch Suicune up front opposite an EX, or Jellicent with stickiness ability to make it harder for my opponent to retreat and make a non- EX attacker active, my only issue with Suicune is only the one attack (not a big detractor) and only 100 HP. . . and I suppose a match up against Garbodor, better have a Megaphone? Should certainly buy me time either way.


Unfortunately now I am trying to resolve having attackers who discard energy and Huntail: not good bedfellows, should I try running my only copy of Black Kyurem EX and Kyurem EX? and got with superior energy retrieval? In that case I may as well give up on Huntail.


Any advice?

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An alternative to Blastoise may be be either Whiscash or Swampert (the Alpha Growth variety). Although maybe there isnt much difference in the Swampert and Blastoise evo lines. Swampert (and Whiscash) would be need to be actives to power up. If you went that route and had to deal with their retreat costs, just hit a switch or a float stone and attack with Huntail. All in all, Hunatil may work better in an Yveltal deck?

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I kind of tried that, there's no alpha growth trait basics, so it junktified my deck, I tried using an omega barrier trait basic to sit on the bench and hold DCE, immune to catcher and enhanced hammers, but inevitably huntail would be knocked out and my sad 50 HP Electrike was wiped out along with all the special energy that I was unable to retrieve from my discard pile or attach with Deluge, another drawback to DCE. anyhow, attaching two energies per turn is not nearly as cool as attaching a half dozen with Blastoise. BTW, I am sure that those guys can be on your bench and take advantage of the ancient trait: the text doesn't make any mention of bench or active, it's simply 'when you attach an energy.'

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