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2 suggestions: Rewards for playing Friend Matches, and rewards for Achievements.


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Now I know the first thing that went through your heads upon reading "Rewards for playing Friend Matches" was "But people would cheat!", but hear me out for a second.




What if the reward was small, and conditional? So that you are getting something for playing Friend Matches, but not necessarily enough to be worthy of abusing it. And I've also come up with a way to deal with potential cheating if it was abused.




First off, simply playing a friend match to completion would result in +1 Trainer Token.




Then, for each Prize you draw during the match, you get an additional +1 Trainer Token.




You would not however get a spin at the wheel. The ONLY reward for Friend Matches would be a small amount of Trainer Tokens. But it's better than nothing, yeah?




Finally, conceding the game would result in the conceding player receiving no Tokens at all, and if the match took less than a certain amount of time to finish, even the winner would receive no Tokens if their opponent conceded.




Now, of course, people might cheat anyway. Which is why there would be a system in place to automatically flag potential cheaters for review by moderators. If it looks like a user is playing a very large amount of Friend Matches in a very short time frame, they will be automatically flagged and a moderator can then look at these game logs and determine if the cheaters may have been abusing the system in order to farm Tokens.




What do you think?




Now, on to my next idea. I think there should be more incentive for players to earn Achievements (and for there to be more Achievements in general) by having them reward tokens for each achievement they earn.




For example, really easy Achievements such as Evolver (Play a Stage 2 Evolution card) would only be worth maybe 3 Tokens. Whereas something like 500th Knockout (Knock out 500 Pokemon) may be worth 50 Tokens, and the really tough ones like 5,000th Knockout or Clean Sweep (KO 6 Pokemon in one attack) might be worth 100 Tokens.




Of course, if this is implemented, players who have already earned these Achievements would retroactively receive the Tokens for them. I'm also thinking that maybe if you complete every Achievement in a particular set (like completing Venomous, Incendiary, Soporific, Baffling and Stunning) would grant the player an untradable random 10 card Booster Pack.




I would really appreciate some feedback on these ideas, and I think they would both be great things to implement into the game.


Edit: Looks like the random word filter strikes again...

Edit 2: Changed the wording to get rid of the filtered words.

Edit 3: I've come up with a list of potential rewards for Achievements.



Trader - 5

All Dressed Up - 3



Super Effective - 3

Overwhelming - 5

Evolver - 3

50th Knock Out - 5

500th Knock Out - 25

First Blood - 3

KO! - 3

Two For One - 10

Hat Trick - 25

Quad Damage - 50

Full House - 75

Clean Sweep - 100

Too Easy - 5

Devastation - 10

Technician - 3

1,000th Knock Out - 50

5,000th Knock Out - 100

Legendary Trainer - ? (Not sure what this is?)

Venomous - 5

Incendiary - 5

Saporific - 5

Baffling - 5

Stunning - 5

Eyes on the Prize - 5

Healer - 5

Merciless - 5

Patient - 5

Perfectionist - 10

Triple Threat - 10

The Win of the Century - 100



(Most of these are unobtainable now, and I don't know much about the old decks so I will skip most of these)

Breaking Wave - 10

Blade of Grass - 10

Firestarter - 10

City Champion - 100

Gold League Champ - 25

Platinum League Champ - 50

Magnificent - 10

Game Mastery - 25

League Mastery - 50

Trainer Challenge Mastery - 100

Covering the Basics - 5

Rallying Cry - 10



(Each set completed would unlock one or more untradable, random 10 card Booster Packs)

Basic Training - Complete Evolver, First Blood, Technician, Trader and All Dressed Up. (1 Pack)

Super Power - Complete Super Effective, Overwhelming, Devastation and Too Easy. (1 Pack)

Clean Sweeper - Complete KO!, Two for One, Hat Trick, Quad Damage, Full House and Clean Sweep. (3 Packs)

KO Master - Complete 50th Knock Out, 500th Knock Out, 1,000th Knock Out and 5,000th Knock Out. (5 Packs)

Victorious - Complete Eyes on the Prize, Merciless, Patient and Triple Threat. (1 Pack)

Specialist - Complete Venomous, Incendiary, Saporific, Baffling and Stunning. (1 Pack)

Protector - Complete Healer and Perfectionist. (1 Pack)

Basics Covered - Complete Covering the Basics, Breaking Wave, Blade of Grass and Firestarter. (1 Pack)

Champion - Complete City Champion, Gold League Champ and Platinum League Champ. (3 Packs)

Challenge Master - Complete Magnificent, Game Mastery, League Mastery and Trainer Challenge Mastery. (5 Packs)

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As someone who thoroughly enjoys getting achievements on other gaming platforms, I completely support this idea. New achievements and greater incentives can help provide more variety and act as a learning experience for players who otherwise might not have attempted certain strategies.

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I was thinking the same way about achievements and I really like this idea. And we need new achievements, right now there are achievements for old theme decks in the game, and there is no Achievements for new theme decks.

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I've also got some more suggestions for new Achievements (and associated token rewards).


Retreat! - Retreat your Active Pokemon. - 3

Tactical Escape - Retreat your Active Pokemon 10 times. - 10

Escape Artist - Retreat your Active Pokemon 50 Times - 25

Lucky! - Flip Heads 5 times in a single battle. - 10

Super Lucky! - Flip Heads 10 times in a single battle. - 25

Unlucky! - Flip Tails 5 times in a single battle. - 10

Super Unlucky! - Flip Tails 10 times in a single battle. - 25

Extra Powerful - Play a Pokemon-EX. - 25

Mega Powerful - Play a Mega Pokemon-EX - 50

Ability User - Use a Pokemon's Ability. - 3

Ability Tactician - Use a Pokemon's Ability 50 times. - 10

Ability Master - Use a Pokemon's Ability 100 times. - 25

Supportive - Play 5 Supporter cards in a single battle. - 3

Collector - Obtain 150 unique cards. - 10

Avid Collector - Obtain 300 unique cards. - 25

Super Collector - Obtain 500 Unique cards. - 50

Master Collector - Obtain 1000 unique cards. - 100

My Way - Build your own Deck usable in the Standard format. - 3

Shopper - Purchase an item in the in-game Shop. - 5

Super Shopper - Purchase 10 items in the in-game Shop. - 25

Shop-a-Holic - Purchase 50 items in the in-game Shop. - 50

All Decked Out - Redeem a code for a Theme Deck or purchase a Theme Deck in the in-game Shop. - 25

Participant - Participate in a Tournament. - 5

Third Place - Obtain a Bronze Trophy in a Tournament - 10

Second Place - Obtain a Silver Trophy in a Tournament - 25

First Place - Obtain a Gold Trophy in a Tournament - 50

Tournament Master - Obtain 10 Gold Trophies in Tournaments. - 100

Booster - Open a Booster Pack. - 3

Super Booster - Open 50 Booster Packs - 25

Booster Master - Open 100 Booster Packs - 50

Ooh! Shiny! - Obtain a Reverse-Holographic Card. - 10

Friendly - Add a Friend. - 5

Practice Makes Perfect - Play 5 Practice Matches. - 5

Table Turner - Win an Upset Win. - 5

Table Flipper - Win 50 Upset Wins. - 50

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Some of these names for the achivements are brilliant. I particularly like "table flipper."


Even more of these are smart from a moneymaking perspective. I'm shocked the dev team hasn't included things like "open 100 booster packs" yet.

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