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Excadrill Primal Clash Deck


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I'm sure everyone has been thinking about the new ability that at least a couple pokemon have that allows them to attack twice per turn. I have a pretty stable bronzong deck with aegislash and dialga, but I noticed excadrill while going through some of my primal clash cards.


What do you guys think about a deck like this?


Pokemon (18)

4 - 4 excadrill

3 - 3 bronzong

2 aegislash

2 dialga


Trainers 18

3 evosoda

3 ultra ball

2 battle compressor

1 escape rope

2 prof letter

2 vs seeker

3 muscle band

2 steel shelter


Supporter 12

2 lysandre

2 N

3 sycomore

3 shauna

2 pokemon fan club


Energy 12

8 steel

2 shield

2 double colorless


Total 60 cards


I was thinking of obviously getting excadrill with muscle band and helping get energy on them with bronzong. That is potentially 140 per turn for a stage 1. Then having dialga and aegislash as back up just in case I am in a pinch and need pokemon out now that I do not need to evolve.


What do you guys think? All criticism is welcome.



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Drop the Shauna and replace with a Professor Birches new theory Or colress. Then also, drop a Professor's Letter for a Computer Search. ACE-SPEC's are always a staple.

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I feel the pace of the game is often going to be too fast for Excadrill, and you will find most of your big wins coming from the attacks of Dialga EX and Aegislash EX. This is not to say Excadrill can't be useful, but you would need more than just a single Escape Rope for switching.


What can make Excadrill pull his weight are 2 things: Getting energy on the board, even if he is knocked out that energy can than be recycled, and double-tapping two different Pokemon with it's Mach Claw attack. Excadrill can use Mach Claw for the KO, then use Mach Claw again to soften up the new active. The 50-70 damage could easily put the new active in range of being KOed by either Aegislash EX, Dialga EX, or even another Mach Claw barrage.


More ways to switch Pokemon are crucial for attacking with the best Pokemon for the situation. You can either add switches or go with KeldeoStone. About what to take out I think you can lower the Excadrill line to a 3-3 and Steel Shelter isn't exactly reliable, although the stadium bump can be nice, 2 copies won't be too hard for your opponent to overcome. I would also ditch the Shield Energy for 2 more DCE.

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