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Talk to the MODERATORS !


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Talk to the MODERATORS !








Well, I know this isn't in my authority, but still I felt a need of this. I am posting this first post - asking the permission of all the Staff, adminitrators and modertators to start this topic. IF I am granted the permission to go on with this topic. I would like to inform people what this topic is really for.




This Topic is for talking to the moderators with any problems you are facing. With the support facility going so slow. I felt a need to talk to someone who could really improve our account situations - the people who have the power to change the situations, solve our problems. I am saying this even though I know that there is a mechanism of submitting a ticket for asking a support. This is because the tickets are taking long time for responding. So it will be helpful if the moderators listen to our problems, doubts and solve them. (I have observed how supportive the moderators are). This will help the players ask small doubts here and also speed up the process of replying to anyone's tickets, since the tickets will be less in number, after they ask their problems here and get it solved. Also, talking to a person is always better than requesting support and then get replied through e-mail which is so time consuming. And after waiting, one doesn't feel like replying with another ticket or go on.


So I hope the moderators understand why I am starting this topic, and I also hope that they grant me the permission to do this. :)


Note - This Forum is not open until a moderator grants a permission. So please DO NOT post any messages until then.

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Hello there!

According to the Pokémon TCG Online Forums Rules linked at the bottom of every forum page:


Moderators help maintain a positive environment that everyone can enjoy and are responsible for enforcing the policies detailed above in a fair and impartial manner. Community members are expected to treat the moderation team with respect and to comply with any instructions given.

While moderators are an excellent source of information, threads created specifically to communicate directly with a moderator are not appropriate.


As such, I'll have to close this thread. Sorry about that, and thanks for your understanding! If you have a particular issue, please feel free to post that in the appropriate subforum.

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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