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Which deck should I choose?


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I am torn between 3 decks:


VileMagius (VIleplume locks trainers and Mismagius uses Poltergeist to do huge damage)


BlastGatr/BlastZel (Feraligatr re-attaches the hydro launcher energies or Floatzel accelerates them onto himself and then Blastoise washes them out back to him)


Steelix (Attach a rescue energy to him, then energy stream it back once he gets KO'd)


Which one do you think will win more?


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ur first deck takes too much set up and they get ezly one shoted


2nd deck (blastzel) is problly ur best one(assuming you built it right)


3rd deck also isnt great since it takes long time to get them energys up, weak dmg too in this format, and fire weakness is also not good in this format.


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