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A bit new to TCG


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Hi, I was finally able to get some money and bought 2 Primal Clash packs :D

So can anyone maybe offer me some spare EX's for it, i prefer some water or lightning EX's because well that's my deck for now (Go Lapras!) maybe a bit cheap :) i would really like Keldeo,Articuno,Suicune and Kyruem EX not all offcourse :P unless you're feeling generous i would love to get 2/3 water/lightning EX's for these packs (i don't know if it's possible)


I keep seeing blastoise but i don't think he's worth 2 packs. I don't want to make bad trades because there's like no other chance that i'll be able to get more


Sorry for my english, ign: edwinluo :)

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I think this thread will serve as a decent guideline to tell you what each card is worth. Just gonna tell ya right now: 2 packs won't get you good EXs any time soon.

Thank you very much for this guide!!


Oh don't get me wrong i don't want like the very good EX's just some basics who are like 1/2 worth so i can make my deck stronger :D

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