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The Best Decks in TCG


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The Best Decks in TCG


This Topic is just started for new players to make good decks to start with the cards they have. Or they can just pick good decks already in play. This will encourage people to make new custom decks as well. :)


The Topic is open to all.

There will be 2 sections. Since most of the decks were posted on this thread when it used to be active were 1 or more year old and maybe much better with newer cards or totally may not make sense with the meta, but the skeleton and strategy can still be used. So these decks will be under Archive section :)


New decks will be put under the the Current Decks section.



The Decks that are posted on the Topic will be dispalyed here :


Current Decks



Nothing Currently here




Archive Section



1. Night March Deck - By Sharking319.
Finalised --> Page 3.

2. Virgen Deck - By Latis93
Finalised --> Page 5

3. Donphan Deck (Hit & Run Deck) - By Deathsharky
Finalised --> Page 5

4. Poison Deck - By 86pikachu86, Dblchun, Shuvo_1, cynodondactlyon
Finalised --> Page 19

5. Water Deck (P Kyogre\Suicune\Swampert AT - custom deck) - By Latis93
Finalised --> Page 7

6. Dark Deck (Yveltal EX\Darkrai EX\Hydregion(Dark Trance) - By Harshu(me)
Finalised --> Page 8

7. Camerupt EX Variants -


1. DelBoarCam (Camerupt EX/Delphox/Emboar) - By Harshu (me)

Finalised --> Page 24


2. Camerupt EX\Team Magma's Camerupt Deck - By me and awesome_guy (Open for improvement)

Page = 10


8. ToolBox Deck - By Sharking319 (Open for improvement)
Page = 3

9. Gourgeist\Slurpuff Deck - By Rakkis157(Open for improvement)
Page = 2

10. Kyurem\Deoxys - By Artichokecat (Open for improvement)
Page = 4

11. Ho-oh EX Deck - By Shuvo_1 (Open for improvement)
Page = 4

12. Rayquaza EX\Electrik Deck - By Shuvo_1 (Open for improvement)
Page = 4

13. Butterfree\Miltank Deck - By Shuvo_1 (Open for improvement)
Page = 4

14. Mega Beartic Deck - By cynodondactylon (Open for improvement)
Page = 5

15. BatCow (Crobat line\Miltank) - *********** (Open for improvement)
Page = 6

16 Beginner's Deck - By Cymantex and Chasista (Open for improvement)
Page = 6

17. Plasma Deck - By danielpeebles (Open for improvement)
Page = 7

18. Fists-a-flurry - By fr33land (Open for improvement)
Page = 8

19. Fairy Eggs - By Hartal (Open for improvement)
Page = 9

20. Dragon Dance - By Edgeman17 (Open for improvement)
Page = 10

21. DualRay - By Gaylen50 (Open for improvement)
Page = 10

22. Luca Fury Deck - By sinistarRay0 (Open for improvement)
Page = 11

23. Sneak Attack Deck - By Edgeman17 (Open for improvement)
Page = 11

24. Full Tilt Latios Deck - By BrinkX69 (Open for improvement)
Page = 13

25. Quickening Deck - By Bobix86 (Open for improvement)
Page = 13

26. Thunderzone Deck - By Deathsharky (Open for improvement)
Page = 14

27. Plasma Connect Deck - By Cuqk (Open for improvement)
Page = 17

28. Hydranite Deck - By Cuqk (Open for improvement)
Page = 17

29. Mega Gardevoir Deck - By Cuqk (Open for improvement)
Page = 17

30. Medicham Deck - By Sharking319 (Open for improvement)
Page = 17

31. Steel Deck - By Tarif15 (Open for improvement)
Page = 17

32. Lordninja - By Gahilsatrioaji (Open for improvement)
Page = 18

33. Storm of Darkness (Yveltal EX/M Manectrc EX) - By PokemasterTz ( Open for improvement)
Page = 18

34. Fans of Forest (Shiftry NXD Deck) - By PokemasterTz (Open for improvement)
Page = 19

35. Flare Circuit Raichu (Raichu XY Deck) - By Edgeman17 (Open for improvement)
Page = 23

36. Wrath of Land (Primal Groudon PC/Wobbuffet (Bide Barricade)) - By PokemasterTz (Open for improvement)

Page = 23


37. Dark Discarder Deck (Houndoom/Crawdaunt/Yveltal) - By Bobix86 (open for improvement)

Page = 25


38. Vespiqueen Deck - By wwhsdjhudj (Open for improvement)

Page = 26


39. Speed Charizard Deck - by Legionoflegend2 (Open for improvement)

Page = 26


40. Pink Dragon Deck - by Seeker33 (Open for improvemen)

Page = 26


41. Raichu [ Custom Deck] - By royalebouquet (Open for improvement)

Page = 26


42. Metagross [Custom Deck] - By royalebouquet (Open for improvement)

Page = 26







I invite all the expert trainers and elites to start stating some decks.

To list a deck, Do it in this form.

Or with the new export feature in PTCGO, just export your deck list in your post.


Here is an example :

Pokemon - Mewtwo EX = 2(The quantity)
Total = 10 pokemon
If the Pokemon has an ability, do state that ability.
Example - Gardevoir (Mirage Ability) = 2

Trainers - Enhanced Hammer = 4 (The quantity)
Total = 30 trainers

Energy - Double Colorless Energy = 4 (The quantity)
Total = 20 Energy

Please State the Full deck list in one post to avoid confusion.
I also invite people to pick out the flaws of that deck.

If you want to change a layout of deck just make a comment.

All the decks will be finalized by me after judging all the comments and the original person who posted the deck.

Please also vote the posts up and the topic, so we know that we are doing a great job and we will put our full efforts to improve the topic further. :) Also if any deck has helped you, Place a comment thanking all the people involved in the deck. :)

Please if only make the decks that are Finalized , or decks that do not require improvement other than the tweaks that support your gameplay ! This especially for new players or other Players those who will trade cards needed to make the deck. This is a Warning Message to all.

Thanks for reading ! :)


Note -
If any confusion please post here or Private message me in the game. Hope this helps all the new players and the players who need help in making the deck.

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Deck Making Guide for New players


Hello Friends,

I am making this useful guide for the help of new players, who are creative in decks but yet find their good decks losing. Most of the problems of a Deck are - Consistency, lank of strategy, unclear about how to implement it and what your priority should be. Well if that is the case, then this Guide might help you a lot :)

The Guide Provides the following sections -
1. Getting started with New Deck
2. Enhancing Ideas for the deck and getting the needed cards for it. [building Strategy]
3. Selecting the Pokemon List and quantity
4. Working over the Trainer Cards and staples needed.
5. Seeing the right quantity of energy, as the fuel of your deck.
6. Deck Testing
7. Working on Consistency
8. Your Deck Is Ready !


Section 1 : Getting Started with New Deck

Well here we see the first step of creating a deck. Most times, when you make a new deck is because you find something very good and interesting card or its attack or one its abilities. You decide to make a deck around that card, with a great support provided by the other cards. Soon you will realise many counters to that deck and hence counters to the counters of your deck ! Well this is the starting step of making a deck. This is one of the crucial steps of deck making. Just keep in mind --> Deck Making is an ART the one who masters it, becomes a very successful player !

Section 2 : Enhancing Ideas for the deck and getting the needed cards for it. [building Strategy]

Alright, Imagine you just created a deck you were thinking for so long. Now the thing is Testing it. Test it and you will find many flaws. It will lead you to situations, where you will be made to think to add appropriate support Pokemon. Trainer Cards helping to set up your deck strategy fast is also important. And setting up the strategy is the most important aspect of your deck :)

Now to getting the cards for the deck you are making. There are 2 ways -

1. Trading for them.

2. Pulling them in a pack.

Many of the rare cards can't be pulled in a pack. And that leaves no choice other than trading for them. What I feel is never trade your cards as gettting them back is more harder than trading those cards for packs. As packs are relatively easier to get.

Another thing to keep in mind is price. Please check the price for the cards you are looking for or else you might end up giving more for that card. Be updated with the Prices of cards. And use Booster packs as the currency of Pokemon. So get the cards of the your deck through trading mostly, and trade fairly :)

Section 3 : Selecting the Pokemon List and quantity

Well certainly an important part of your deck, The Pokemon section. Well every good deck works on consistency on how often you get the pokemon you need ! Or total probability of getting it in many matches is good or not. Most copies of a pokemon can be 4. Well following are some tips on the quantity of the pokemon and kind of pokemon that are needed in a deck -

  • Usually, an Ideal deck on average has 14 Pokemon or around. We do have decks like Night March having much more than 14 Pokemon, while we also have other decks that only play 10 Pokemon, depending on how the deck will be used.
  • From these Pokemon, we find that the most copy of a card can be 4 ! And we usually keep the Main attacker as the most copy in the Pokemon list. Example -> In a Donphan deck we keep 4 Donphans, as it is our main attacker !
  • For Stage 1 evolutions, if the card is a supporter Pokemon, we usually keep 2 basic and 2 stage 1 pokemon of that evolution line. While if you have a stage 2 support pokemon, depending upon its use, we keep 2 basic , 1 stage 1 and 2 Stage 2s or if we need more, we play 3 basic, 1 STAGE 1 and 3 STAGE 2. While for using less space, people also play 2 Basics and 2 Stage 2, relying only on Rare candies to evolve. It can be inconsistent, but does work most of the time.
  • About specefic Support Pokemon and other stuff, we ususally keep 2 copies, and sometimes only 1. At other times a side attacker takes place of 3 cards or 2, depending on the condition.
  • If the Stage 1 Pokemon you are using is your main attacker, then we usually keep 3 Basic and 3 Stage 1 line. For example as in Donphan decks, where 4 Phanapy and 4 Donphans are present.

Section 4 : Working over the Trainer Cards and staples needed.

Well to be general. Its these trainers cards that give your deck a consistency. More better the quantity and right choice of cards, more better will your deck run. Trainers are like the engine of a race car. More the better it is, more better can you place, and if even better you can race through the win. Better trainer cards give the advantage of Speed, it increases the game play set up speed of your deck, making a very speedy win. Increases the chances to get right cards in right situations. Making good draws, and more likely to be very consistent. While we also need some staple trainer cards, which every deck requires like --> These days : VS Seeker, to reuse a Supporter that you used or discarded.


Lets start with stating some of the staples. I am also giving out the particular number of cards that are used in most of the decks ON AVERAGE. They May vary according to the deck. 

  • Skyla - Around 1/2
  • Trainer's Mail - Totally depends on your deck, some decks may use 1/2 while others may use 3/4
  • Lysandre - Around 1/2
  • Professor's Letter - Around 1/2
  • Professor Sycamore/Professor Juniper - Around 3/4
  • Colress/ Professor Birch/Shuna Around 1/2 (Maybe used more depending upon the need)
  • VS Seeker - Around 3/4
  • N - Around 3
  • Ultraball/ or any kind of ball that suits your deck. Example -> Dive Ball is better for Water decks, Level Ball for Deck with less HP. - Around 3/4
  •  A Switching Technique, players may Play Keldeo EX (Rush In) + Float Stone Combo for switch, or simply switches and escape ropes in combo to provide efficient switching or use techs like Darkrai EX (Dark Cloak) or use stadiums like Fairy Garden. - Well switching depends upon the technique you are using. Using Fairy Garden, you must use a stadium around 3/4, if you are using Darkrai EX, I suggest use only 1 copy. If Switches and escape rope combo - Use 1/2 Switches and 0/1 Escape Rope.
  • Proper Items, like muscle bands or healing items or some other items needed for your deck - Items can be totally according to the need of the deck.
  • Proper Stadiums to support the deck. - Well learnt from a player, that if you use 3/4 stadiums, they will mostly be on your side, with your stadium on the field most of the time, supporting you :)

Well Thats all about the Trainers. Remember a good trainer's list depends upon how your deck will run and many times, other than pokemon, some decks can be countered with the help of these trainers. So Be sure which engine (Trainers) you use.


Section 5 : Seeing the right quantity of energy, as the fuel of your deck.

Well this is the third part of the deck, the energy section. To attack you need energy. The Correct amount of energy makes sure, you can attack atleast at the needed times. Once you are set up, sometimes, you use too many energies and then end up using all energy and left wtih none, making it potential loss. Well so correct trainers and correct amout of energy is required.


Well Usually we keep around 8-10 Basic energies, and 4 of a special energies. Thats basically the right amount required. Now you will say, what if my energies get discarded or what if I end up without energy. Well for that there are cards like Professor's letter and energy search. You may also use Cilan ! But using cilan would waste your oppourtunity of playing another useful supporter. While Energy Search provides only 1 energy. So an ideal energy search is through professor's letter.


Now to how many of an energy in a multi-type deck ? Well answer is divide the number of energies by the total number of ATTACKing Pokemon you will play. And then keep 65-70% of main attacker and rest for other attackers.


Thats all needed for the energy section I guess.


Section 6 : Deck Testing

Well about Deck Testing. Deck Testing is to see how your deck plays. Best place to deck test is with your friends who can guide you ! PVP is also a good place, but lately its been not as good as it was for deck testing. Well to a proper Deck testing is that, which takes you through every possible situation. This will help in knowing the counters of the deck you created. On top of that it gives information about the consisency. Some cards you need to add or remove. And possibly after every loss, note down the reason you lost. If that reason repeats more than 3-4 times (Other than bad draws, bad flips etc.. which are not in your hand). If there exists a counter, add 2-3 cards that can counter, the counter of your deck. Or if you are facing problem with absence or presence of a tech. Then either add it or remove it. A good Deck testing of around 100-150 matches, can make your deck very consistent !


Section 7 : Working on Consistency

To make a deck super consistent, you need to perfect the amount of trainers and other cards of your deck. This can only happen if you deck test perfectly and take every result of a match seriously. If that happens, then it will be hard for your deck to be defeated. Remember Consistency can boost your deck in any kind of situations. So a consistent deck is always an advantage. Not all decks are super consistent ! So if yours in consistent, then you are at an advantage from start. So why miss the advantage. Make your deck as consistent you can. Do Probability Tests, and analyse the deck testing results. This will make your deck very much Consistent.


Section 8 : Your Deck Is Ready !

Well in this section, I must tell you if you have followed the above steps correctly, then it is bound to be good. Now your deck is ready to be played. Towards the conclusion, I want to give some tips on playing a match. In match tips are very helpful.


Tips :-

1. Whenever you use a card, that has an option --> see all cards, Click on it and see and analyse your deck, and try to find out which cards are prized. If that happens you can actually take decisions easily when you reach at a crucial stage of the match. Example, Gbooster in a genesect deck is prized. Now you have 2 options and 4 price cards left. One is hit a Jirachi EX on the bench, when you have lysandre and skyla in hand. Or Finish the new Pokemon(any EX that will take time to set up) in this situation, if you use skyla, you are simply giving a free turn to the opponent to set up. If you use lysandre, at least you have chance to hit next turn, with a G Booster maybe !

2. Always think before you make a move. Play slowly. Remember Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Always keep checking the discard pile of yours and your opponents. Also keep a very attentive thinking to what your opponent is going to do. Sometimes it helps in guessing the opponent's hand and hence predict his next move.


Thats all for this guide. I hope this helps in your deck making process :)


I hope the Guide Helps :)

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^ How about we just not build Toad decks, like, at all? The less Toads, the better.



If you have any other deck in your mind you are free to post its layout. The Toad deck invitation was just because toads are getting older and no more in use. I hope you and all the other senior trainers would help me making this topic really helpful for the new players. :)




Please post the deck in your mind :)

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Okay, then. If we're looking for decks that are relatively accessible to new players, one deck instantly comes to mind:


Night March


Yes, that crazy deck in which a cute little Joltik can blow up your everything, XD. Here's my personal decklist:


Pokémon (25)


4 Joltik (Night March)

4 Pumpkaboo (Night March)

4 Lampent (Night March)

2 Mew-

4 Eevee (Energy Evolution)

3 Flareon (Vengeance)

2 Leafeon (Energy Crush)

1 Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier)

1 Jirachi-


Items/Stadiums (17)


4 Battle Compressor

3 Ultra Ball

3 Dimension Valley

2 Silver Bangle

2 VS Seeker

1 Computer Search

1 Escape Rope

1 Town Map


Supporters (10)


4 Professor Juniper

4 N

1 Lysandre

1 Teammates


Energy (8)


4 Double Colorless Energy

4 Grass Energy


Deck Overview


Overall, this is a relatively inexpensive deck; even Mew-EX and Jirachi-EX are easy to get. Perhaps the most expensive card here is Computer Search, which every new player should seek to add to their collection as soon as possible anyway, as it is the best ACE SPEC out there.


The strategy here is simple; discard as many Night Marchers as you can (Lampent should always be discarded first), then try to get one-hit knockouts with the attack, which does 20 damage for each discarded Night Marcher. Joltik can be considered the most efficient attacker, as it requires the least Energy of the three Night Marchers. However, I feel that the best one is actually Mew-EX, as it has four times as much HP as the little Joltik, and with Dimension Valley, it can borrow Joltik's Night March for just one Energy!


The Eeveelutions are mainly here for the late-game and for specific matchups. Flareon can serve as a powerful cleaner with its Vengeance attack, which does 20 plus 10 for every Pokémon in your discard pile, Night Marcher or not. With 25 Pokémon in this deck, there will be a lot of fuel for Vengeance. As for Leafeon, that's mainly here to deal with Seismitoad-EX, as that card can give this deck some serious trouble.


Mr. Mime and Jirachi-EX are here as "tech Pokémon"; not necessary for the deck's strategy, but helpful for specific reasons. Mr. Mime blocks bench damage from attacks like Landorus-EX's Hammerhead, which otherwise can KO Joltik and quickly wear down everything else. Jirachi-EX helps to make the deck more consistent, as Stellar Guidance lets you search out whatever Supporter you might need; it can even turn an Ultra Ball into a Supporter, so there.


The Items are rather straightforward. 4 Battle Compressors are here to discard Night Marchers as fast as possible. 3 Ultra Balls are useful for searching out whatever Pokémon you need, and potentially discarding Night Marchers in the hand. Dimension Valley makes it easier to attack with Mew-EX, and also allows Pumpkaboo to attack for a DCE if you need it to. Silver Bangle makes it easier to KO EXs; I play this over Muscle Band because non-EXs are relatively easy to KO anyway. And of course, VS Seeker lets you re-use any Supporter in your discard pile.


Computer Search, as I already mentioned, is the best ACE SPEC card overall, and is certainly the best one for this deck; being able to search out whatever you want is an incredibly powerful effect, and it helps big-time with taking KOs as fast as possible. Escape Rope can be used to switch out your Active Pokémon, force your opponent to switch theirs, or both. Town Map lets you see your Prizes, which is very important in this deck, as too many Night Marchers in the Prizes can be very crippling to this deck.


The Supporters, like the Items, are straightforward, just staples that you should have for pretty much every deck. Juniper lets you draw through your deck as quickly as possible, and potentially discard Night Marchers. N is also good for drawing early-game, as well as disrupting an opponent who has taken too many Prizes. One Lysandre gives you some control over your opponent's field, especially with VS Seeker. And finally, Teammates lets you come back from a KO, effectively giving you a double Computer Search in that situation. Considering how frail this deck's Pokémon are, it's relatively easy to find a chance to use Teammates.


And of course, the Energy. I wish you could run more than four Double Colorless Energy, since Night March and Vengeance both need it to exist (except for the Mew-Valley combo, but I digress). I also run four Grass Energy mainly to fluff out the Energy, since four DCE simple isn't enough. I run Grass specifically because attaching it lets Eevee evolve into Leafeon immediately, which is very important under Seismitoad-EX's Item lock.



So yeah, simple and inexpensive. However, it's definitely not perfect. This is considered a "speed deck", and like all speed decks, it has a tendency to burn out very fast if you don't happen to draw into the right resources. This metagame is also getting heavier with Mega Evolutions, which are very difficult to KO, even with a lot of Night Marchers discarded.

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Woah a very good theory and really good deck. Thanks Sharking319. I couldn't really quote the whole thing but it will be really helpful. As this is a really good layout, I would like to add this as the first deck of the topic. Though I will be posting the final deck after any comments that make improvements in this deck. Though I don't think this deck has any flaws as far as I have read. Thanks for your report. :)

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 Hey anyone who has a hit-run deck for example like ninjask or donphan, please post its layout here. Also if you can suggest any improvements in the above deck please suggest it so that I can finally post the final deck for the night march deck based on your comments and the original layour presented by sharking319. :)

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hi guys.. I have a variant to suggest to sharking's nightmarch deck.. (if he doesn't mind my posting it)


I would remove the two leafeon as they seem situational to counter toad

also i'd remove the bangles as they seem to be trying to add firepower to the deck that least likely needs it

the escape rope also looks like dead weight as due to fragility, any status/ damage would probably induce a ko


instead of those 5 cards, i'd add 4 robo subs and a vs seeker..

this is due to robo substitute's stalling ability plus the fact that it can be paired up with teammates for free deck searches


seeing as you don't need grass energy anymore, I would switch those four for 4 fire/psychic energies



overall changes=

-2 leafeon

-2 bangle

-1 rope

-4 grass energy


+4 substitutes

+1 vs seeker

+4 fire (to use heat tackle) or psychic (to use mew's energy shift) energy


hope you like my idea :)

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Thanks a lot awesome, I will look forward to your comments, in the final post, I will make.


But I had a query, according to sharking, leafeons were used infront of toads, but while playing against it, you won't be able to play robos. So can we have a situation where robos and pokemon that can defeat toad. If there is a more better way for both. I would like it. Thanks for the idea once again. :)

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The changes that awesome_guy proposed are pretty interesting. I agree that Leafeon is very situational, only being particularly good against the Toad (and only being Vengeance fuel otherwise). However, I personally feel that Seismitoad-EX is a big enough reason for Leafeon to be here, since we're already running Flareon; it seems that the more people develop a burning desire for the Toad to stop existing, the more it appears.


Robo Subs are certainly interesting, but I don't feel like they fit in a deck that pretty much needs to attack every turn; this isn't a hit-and-run deck, so yeah. And of course, Robo Subs in hand = dead cards against the contemptible Toad.

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I hate the night march deck.


I'll like it better when I get some battle compressors, lol.




What's the best defense against it 4 lysander trump cards?

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Trump Card does tend to mess up Night March, yeah. However, you never, ever want to run four Trump Cards in your deck, ever. With VS Seekers, one Trump Card will serve you the entire game, or two if you're paranoid of the Prizes.


Generally, you want to target down Mew-EX or Jirachi-EX and take your prizes as fast as possible.

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oh um sharking the idea of putting robo subs in was for the use of teammates- free two cards and a turn of stall.. this seems quite useful from my point of view as nightmarch is a type of deck quite prone to energy stall in case of discard.. and in which case it would be handy to have free cards coming in via teammates.. also nightmarch very often has the problem of losing momentum in case of a trump card.. in which case benched subs can help you stall till you get your cards in the pile


true this deck isn't very good against seismi when scooping.. but has its merits otherwise being able to take out a fully powered seismi pretty quickly.. plus i'm also banking on the fact that seismi has its inablility to find momentum vs yveltal, virgen and gardevoir.. for seismitoad in particular, i'd just go with 2 xerosic/ team flare grunt in the place of 1 vs seeker and one sub

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Thanks guys. It seems the deck will become really top class after such discussion. I feel that 2 robo subs would help and instead of other 2 robos. Yeah this debate will go on. But this thread is not only for Night March deck. So I invite all the players to post their deck layout freely. :)

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good thought. I have 2 vs-seekers so far, so maybe I'll find some more.

Thanks danielpeebles. I hope this forum helps you and many more people. I also invite people to post the layout of other decks as well.

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So yeah I guess VirGen still isnt falling that back so I thought to post my own VirGen.






3 Genesect EX


3 Virizion EX


2-2 Raichu XY


1 Mewtwo EX


1 Furfrou XY




2 Colress


3 Prof.Juniper


1 Lysandre


2 Fan Club


3 Skyla


1 Center Lady


1 Shadow Triad


3 Skyarrow Bridge


1 G Booster


2 Muscle Bands


1 Switch


3 Ultra Ball


1 Plasma Ball


1-1 Crushing/Enhanced Hammer


1 Tool Scrapper


1 Megaphone


1 Prof.Letter


1 Super Rod


2 Colress Machine




8 Grass Energies


4 Plasma Energies






Now,for the ill explain usage of each cards:-




Genesect/Virizion EX:Well,you know.This is what the deck is for.Virizion helps Genesect to charge up very quick,and 2 energies for 50 damage isnt that bad,is it?And 70 with a muscle band.Genesect is mainly used for the G Booster.It can OHKO anything except Megas(AND WAILORD EX,duh).And Genesect has a Built-in Lysandre system.



Raichu XY:Raichu XY isnt that bad,it helps against Safeguards and Pyroars if I dont get G Booster.Free retreat isnt that bad and the attack is decent too.



Furfrou:Furfrou XY is a pretty good card.Free retreat with Skyarrow bridge is good,and it can do 100 damage with a muscle band and it can discard a energy too.




Mewtwo EX:Mewtwos are just too flexible,can fit anywhere,X Ball is still one of the best attacks,and can help against Fire types.



Jirachi EX:Helps alot,gets a supporter when you need it.Its the only use I guess



Now,onto Supporters/Items/Stadiums(Trainers for short).


Juniper:Just one of my favorite supporters,nothing much to say,as its used in most decks.


Colress:Its useful in most decks and VirGen is kinda bench heavy so,ill use it


Fan Club:It will help to get Genesect if I have Virizion and wont waste the 2 Energies that Virizion can attach.Also helpful for Colress.


Skyla:She is kinda staple for most decks,helps getting out G Booster or whatever,and I include her in most of my decks,so yeah.


Lysandre:A lot of decks use this,so just added one.Just one because of Genesect


Shadow Triad:Well,might help,who knows.



(And no,I dont use N's and and am not planning to use N)



G Booster:Well,this is like the main trainer.G Booster OHKOes any card,except Megas(AND WAILORD EX).And also prevents any effects,so its same against Safeguard/Pyroar or anything else.


Muscle Band:Most decks are using this now and it helps alot,not much to say.


Switch:Well,Skyarrow bridge makes Switch kinda useless,but who knows?Kept one


Ultra Ball:Like,the most common card these days,not much to say.


Skyarrow Bridge:The only stadium I see fit for this deck.Free retreat for most of the Pokes.


Plasma Ball:This acts almost like master ball for Genesect,so kept one


Hammers:Comes in handy,not much to say.


Tool Scrapper:For those Head Ringers and still can discard opponents tools too.


Megaphone:Almost same as Scrapper,but can discard more than 2.


Prof Letter:Gets the energies.


Super Rod:Gets the DISCARDED energies into the deck,Virizion can easily put em on.


Colress Machine:Well,great for Genesect.



Onto energies,


8 Grass:not much to explain,8 should be enough


4 Plasma:For Gensect,and doesnt hurt that much.And can be used as Lysandre


2 DCE:How OP can G Booster get?A DCE discarded and done.Also helps






Till now this deck is going very well,but yeah im open for suggestions.Hope this helps :)

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A really big thanks to Latis for propsing his Virgen Deck layout. Thanks a lot for your support. I am sure that your support will continue. And this will also help the new players. Thanks. And now the Virgen Deck by Latis is open for suggestions and comments.

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furfou and fan club r a waste of virgen's power As for this thread, virgen deck is 1 of the most inappropriate deck, cuz it requires a lot of spending. If we face the fact, virizion and genesect, even reg ex copies r very expensive. So listing it here would be deviating from the aim of the thread

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As for the night march layout given above. . decklist of sharkking was pretty interesting to c. Nice work.


Personally I don't c much utility of robo's in night march deck. You shouldn't run them, just to use team-mates . . think abt your concept and focus on that.

Night march deck can however . . though very tough against toad, specially if you have a bad start.. still be able to counter seismitoad EX decks .. Had a deck vision on night march, will test it out later after my exams.

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As far as inexpensive great decks r concerned, there r many, who's knowledge have receded owing to crazy hype for certain cards . .but they still pack a punch , and if played correctly, r great.


Toolbox for instance is very under-rated deck. And its applicable for standard as well. And very inexpensive And then there r many more for expanded/unlimited.


and if you want to go to some EX build decks :-


Fairy deck with florges EX and Xerneas is still pretty good .. There's always the thing that it'll have to rely on 2 hit KO's against megas .. game is going there .. but it performs really well.


And then the much criticized seismitoad EX deck too :P .. Toadpuff, does well ..

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As far as inexpensive great decks r concerned, there r many, who's knowledge have receded owing to crazy hype for certain cards . .but they still pack a punch , and if played correctly, r great.




Toolbox for instance is very under-rated deck. And its applicable for standard as well. And very inexpensive And then there r many more for expanded/unlimited.




and if you want to go to some EX build decks :-




Fairy deck with florges EX and Xerneas is still pretty good .. There's always the thing that it'll have to rely on 2 hit KO's against megas .. game is going there .. but it performs really well.




And then the much criticized seismitoad EX deck too :P .. Toadpuff, does well ..

Thanks a lot azi. And all kinds of decks will be accepted here. Though I know some decks are expensive. And thank you for the great ideas. If you have time (after your exams) - please do post a layout of the deck. It will be more helpful. :)

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HIT & RUN (Donphan)

In my opinion, fighting deck is one of the inexpensive and strong decks out there considering the amount of EX- pokemon around. Here's my list of cards for this deck:

Pokémon (12)

2 Landorus 

4 Phanphy

3 Donphan

2 Hawlucha

1 Lucario-EX

Items/Stadiums (22)

4 Robo Substitute

2 Switch

2 Professor's Letter

2 Silver Bangle

4 VS Seeker

2 Bicycle

3 Fighting Stadium

2 Muscle Band

1 Gold Potion

Supporters (14)

3 Professor Juniper

2 N

2 Lysandre

2 Colress

1 Xerosic

4 Korrina

Energy (12)

2 Double Colorless Energy

6 Fighting Energy

4 Strong Energy

Deck Overview

Overall, this is a deck targeted against EXs which are common in decks everywhere. The point of this deck is to use donphan's spinning turn to hit and switch to robo substitute to escape from any damage done to your pokemon in the opponent's turn.


The start-up for this deck is relatively easy and fast using Korrina to get a fighting pokemon and an item trainer card. This can effectively mean that the ability to draw on phanphy and donphan is increased. Furthermore, the extra item card will also allow you many possibilities:

- short of energy: professor's letter

- want more damage done to opponent's ex or normal pokemon: muscle band or silver bangle

- get vs seeker to retrieve Korrina or any other supporter in discard pile

- status affected pokemon unable to attack: switch

- Not enough hand cards: Bicycle

- Need healing: Gold potion

- and even robo substitute for donphan's attack.


Donphan's spinning turn allows you to deal 40 damage and switch with one of your bench. This coupled with a muscle band or a silver bangle can already guarantee a 1HKO against many basic pokemon or at least half or most of the maximum HP for EX pokemon. In addition, Donphan's second attack can allow you to 1HKO against many EX pokemon with 170 or 180HP. This however needs preparation as 2 fighting and 2 colourless energy needs to be attached to donphan. Donphan needs to have a stadium card discarded which will deal 140 damage coupled with strong energy and muscle band/silver bangle will destroy any EXs standing the way.


Next, Hawlucha also serve as a pivotal attacker with an energy dealing 60 damage to EX regardless of weakness or resistance. This allows easy and destructive damage to your opponents's EX and with help from muscle band, silver bangle, fighting stadium, and strong energy, the maximum amount of damage can be up to 130. However, the most important aspect of Hawlucha is the free retreat cost as it provides the liberty of thinking for your next move when your active pokemon/robo subst is KOed by the opponent.


Lastly, landorus serve as a energy recycle agent where it allows one fighting energy from the discard pile to be attached to 1 of your bench pokemon. As this deck only have  fighting energy, it may be important in the late game when you have little energy in play. Lucario-EX also can be important in fighting decks like seismitoad-ex as it can help you draw cards and deal high damage.


However, this deck may not be effective against the fairy decks that are currently rising in popularity as Gardevoir-EX and its mega evolution are able to heal the damage done to them using max potion. As for Virgen and seismitoad decks, in my experience, this deck is able to win against these decks but may require a good start and hand. In the recent tournament, I have won mainly first or second place using this deck but i'm still open for suggestion. Hope this helps.

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Interesting decklist, Deathsharky. I was just thinking of posting my own Donphan list, so thanks for taking care of some of the explanations. Here's what my list looks like anyway:


Pokémon (14)


4 Phanpy

4 Donphan

2 Hawlucha

1 Wobbuffet (Bide Barricade)

1 Sigilyph (Safeguard)

1 Zekrom (Outrage)

1 Kyurem (Outrage)


Items/Stadiums (20)


4 Robo Substitute

3 Fighting Stadium

3 Muscle Band

3 Float Stone

2 VS Seeker

2 Ultra Ball

1 Computer Search

1 Escape Rope

1 Enhanced Hammer


Supporters (14)


4 N

3 Professor Juniper

3 Korrina

2 Lysandre

1 Colress

1 Teammates


Energy (12)


4 Strong Energy

3 Double Colorless Energy

5 Fighting Energy



So yeah, I'll just go over the cards in this list that the above list doesn't have.


First off, aside from Donphan and Hawlucha, my Pokémon are more dedicated toward disrupting the opponent, using Float Stone to retreat to Donphan at will. This approach is mainly so I don't have to rely solely on Robo Subs after every Spinning Turn.


: Bide Barricade denies my opponent's Abilities, which can be great for ruining decks like Aromatisse. (Sadly, it doesn't work against bats.)


: Safeguard, as we all know, is great for stopping EXs in their tracks. I chose Sigilyph because it has 1 less Retreat Cost than Suicune, in case I don't have access to a Float Stone.


Outrage 'mons
: These are good for taking sizable hits with their 130 HP, then hitting back hard with a DCE. They're also good for picking on certain weaknesses: Zekrom hammers Lightning-weak opponents like Yveltal-EX (which otherwise annoys Donphan with its Fighting resistence), and Kyurem smashes Water-weak 'mons like Landorus-EX.


My Trainers are also a bit more focused on disruption, as well as consistency. (Though I'm wondering why I don't run Silver Bangle like Deathsharky does.)


Float Stone
: I believe I already went over this one.


Escape Rope
: This is mainly for forcing out a suboptimal active 'mon on either side; synergizes pretty nicely with Korrina.


Enhanced Hammer
: A well-placed hammer can slow down opponents who rely on their Special Energy. Again, good with Korrina.


Ultra Ball
: Korrina can't really get out my disruption 'mons by herself (since they're not Fighting-type), so Ultra Ball is pretty necessary there.


Computer Search
: Mainly for consistency, though I can see the merit of Deathsharky's Gold Potion. Scramble Switch could also be fun.


: I'm very surprised to not see this in Deathsharky's list; in fact, I'm actually considering running one more of these (or another VS Seeker). A Robo Sub KO happens to count as a Pokémon KO, so you can easily search out whatever you want while denying Prizes at the same time! XD



So that's my input on this.

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Donphan deck doesn't require landorus non-ex ..

And running EX's in donphan .. counters the advantage donphan has of remaining a purely non-EX deck . . and using it to steal 2 prize cards while giving 1 prize card in return .


Donphan should be a purely non-EX deck running some techs to counter the various pokes based on weakness etc ..

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