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at the moment i really need some help!! i have bought i preowned copy of black and it has shinies on it :) i was wondering how can i get them onto my pokemon white game?? i have to ds' but my old one ant connect to my internet. is there someone i can trust to hold them when i trade them between games, like a trade them of pokemon black to you and you trade them back to my white game. it needs to be someone with black or white. MEW PLEASE COULD YOU DO IT FOR ME!!




*Stares at arune, mew and stormbringer* as i have known you longest from the forums :D


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There's actually an option on your C-Gear that allows you to trade without the internet :). Simply touch the button on your C-Gear that says "IR" on both your DS's in both your games and face your DS's towards each other (it's best to use a flat surface like a table, it may be finicky sometimes). The C-Gear IR has a trade option that allows quick trades between DS's that are close by. That way you don't have to risk someone running away with your Pokemon! o.o




Hope that helps!




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