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Lost My Progress


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I lost all the progress I made in the Trainer Challenge! I was on the Diamond League and I unlocked everything in the leaf deck and now its gone. I was wondering if this this could be fixed. Thanks!


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This is actually normal. Not a bug in the least, in fact, your data (along with everyone elses, including the Moderator's accounts) was purposely wiped out.


Any data from before the wipeout cannot be recovered, I'm afraid. My best advice would be to play through it all over again.


I believe Prof_Cosso can put this in better words than I can.


See this topic for more information about Beta Testing and Account Wipeouts:




For important information, including Account Wipeouts and Maintence issues, see the Official Announcement forum or under NEWS on the Trainer Challenge homepage (www.pokemontcg.com)


However, the Moderators here would prefer it if bug reports are filed using the Customer Service Support Center (support.pokemon.com/)




I am not a Professor, nor a Game Master or Moderator. Nor do I claim to be.


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Remember that these things happen. You can check out an in depth post concerning the issue of Trainer Challenge beta.




Don't worry. All deck code unlocks will remain even in the event of a wipe and after the final release.




Prof Dark




Ditto what Player Rick said






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