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2.26 Patch Notes | February 4, 2015

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Version 2.26.0




  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: XY—Primal Clash expansion, bringing over 150 new cards to the game.
  • Stability improvements for the iOS game client.
  • Improved caching for preloaded card assets in default theme decks and Trainer Challenge.
  • Improved font display for game dialogue and chat.
  • Portuguese localization added for the Pokémon TCG: XY—Phantom Forces expansion.
  • Users now receive a notification when nearing and meeting the maximum limit for Trainer Tokens.


  • Code cards found in physical XY—Primal Clash booster packs can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock a digital booster pack from the same expansion.
  • Code cards found in physical XY—Primal Clash theme decks can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock a digital version of that deck.
  • Trainer Tokens can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock non-tradable theme decks and non-tradable 5-card booster packs from the XY—Primal Clash expansion.


  • Improved animation for opening booster packs.
  • Improved messaging for deck validation dialogue.


  • Replaced 1 Mystery Box panel on the Bonus Wheel with an additional Trainer Token panel.
  • Replaced 10-card booster packs in the Mystery Box with 5-card booster packs.
  • Mystery Box contents are no longer tradable.
  • Implemented new Victor’s Bonus Wheel and Victor’s Mystery Box for the winning player of a Ranked match.
  • The Victor’s Bonus Wheel includes large Trainer Token amounts and additional opportunities to receive a Tournament Ticket or a Victor’s Mystery Box.
  • The Victor’s Mystery Box includes larger Trainer Token and Tournament Ticket amounts, tradable single cards, and tradable 10-card booster packs.


Please post your feedback regarding this update here!

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