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Yeah, that makes sense.  You split up the pool of players, that's bad, and you're right, people will gravitate towards decks that show the strongest performance.

Also, without the competitive nature of the game there's no incentive to exercise your imagination and come up with a winning combination.

I suppose copying a deck list is sort of like wanting the rewards of competitive play without the investment of time and energy that the progenitors put in.

That's sort of giving you the impression that I think competitiveness and creativity are mutually exclusive, I certainly wouldn't want to imply that.

Too bad there's no way to have access to the entire card pool, I wonder if everyone had access to every card, what you say would be true, do you think the same decks would become the front runners or would something else emerge?  I suppose the meta decks are kind of created by those people that already have that access and they're not using those unplayable cards for the same reasons everyone else does. 

I guess no matter how many possible combinations there are it is still a finite card pool and some cards are simply better than others.

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jirachi-ex is not neccessary, you could replace with sigiliph and use it as a wall while you charge up your attack.

or even a random receiver item card.


I don't know how many times I end up lysander someone's jirachi-ex for the easy double prize card.  I love it when my opponent plays that card.

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