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November expansion?


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I think it is about time that they revealed what it was. The big boys like Magic and Yugioh revealed theirs, why can't Pokemon TCG reveal theirs too?




Magic has Innistrad, revealed before Magic 2012 was released.


Yugioh has Photon Shockwave, pictures of the packaging were leaked before Generation Force was released


Pokemon TCG has ??? What?




At least loosen up the security so that someone can take a sneaky photo of the new product. Sheesh.




this is a joke btw


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The next expansions are coming out at the end of August.








I think that's what you mean?





End of august? D:


Oh man! Gotta save monies for a booster box!!! XD


So far i've been resisting the URGE to look up the cards on the internet. I didn't even check your link!


I want this booster box to be a complete surprise! :D




Maybe i'll make a youtube freakout! Wahaha xD


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No, seriously, I really mean NOVEMBER, aka the FALL set? HS Triumphant, Platinum Arceus, DP Stormfront, DP Secret Wonders?




Magic's Summer set has been released, and its Fall set, Innistrad, has been revealed, although we don't see any of the packaging, Magic fans know of its existence.




Yugioh is getting ready for the release of Generation Force in August, but fans know of the existence of its Fall set named Photon Shockwave.




Pokemon TCG, we got Emerging Powers in August, but um, we have no inkling of what expansion is in store in the Fall.




The premise of the original post is to say that, hey, Magic and Yugioh fans know whats coming out in the Fall, why not Pokemon TCG fans? Then I proceed to write about how the security of keeping the November set secret should be more lax, so some guy can sneak in and take pictures of the new product. I wouldn't have said that if the products were already revealed, like the Summer 2011 expansion.




In case you were wondering, I was referring to bw3 the whole time. The part of it being a joke is that, I don't really care if TPCi reveals what their Fall expansion is, compared to WOTC, who revealed what it was long time ago, and Konami, who shown their Fall product in some convention before their Summer product was even released.




Psst, the forums are still broken, now that I'm serious about.


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