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Happy New Year Quiz 2014


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July 17, 2004 in japan


Japan, July 17 2004

 Put 27 lol


At first you guys had different answers (which were both wrong), so I refreshed it, then at completely the same time you had both got the right answers, so I can't reward anyone with the points. 

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I do not know the answer to that question.

EDIT: I will take a guess though.

SECOND EDIT: oh wait do you mean in the plasma bast,freeze,and storm series totaled or do u mean how many cards have the team plasma on them

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No one is Correct. 


Remember Exs and Ex Full Art Count as different cards and e.g. Lugia-EX has the same art in Plasma Storm and Legendary Treasures , it counts as 2 different cards, same with all EX promos (thats plasma)

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