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What the heck?


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Okay what is up with this! I was out last night and I came on to look at my pkmn sprite and art contest thread. I went to it's book mark and when it got there it said


rRequested forum no longer exist oor you do not have access to it.


same with the pokeplot thread! mods help!


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no they are not list of really good threads taken down due to the usless developing people


Pokemon Utopia, A Pokemon Roleplay - By AruneProject - Over 1k responces


Pokemon Sprite and Art Contest - By Me


All roleplays


all ssbb threads


and more


stop being joiks mods and give us our gd !


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yer, guys, iv started it up, the rebeliation thred.........



Is rebeliation a word?




Or is it rebellion and retaliation combined? O:


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