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Problem with switch


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didn't see a place for bug reports, so it's goin here!


I used switch and my active Pokemon (Deerling) disappeared, rather than going to the Bench. With switch I'd brought Servine up as my new active. (Opponent did not get to take a prize). I attack with Servine, then next turn when Deerling doesn't re-appear I put another Pokemon on my bench (filling it to 5). Then Deerling re-appears under Servine...as if it was the prior step in the Evolution. Oh, and Deerling still has it's 40 damage. And now Servine can't use any of its attacks.


Fun times!<img src="http://pokegym.net/gallery/files/1/7/6/8/5/servine_deerling_thumb.png" alt="" />




Link if the pic doesn't work:




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