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Bugs with "Expanded View" button


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I've noticed some very consistently annoying bugs when clicking the Expanded View button for cards. Firstly, for Trainer cards, the Expanded View is supposed to show all variants of a particular card, but it keeps showing way too many. For example, click the HGSS Supporter card Bill and it should show only 2 variants: regular and reverse holo. Instead, it shows 4 versions: regular, reverse holo and then a repeat of the first two. The really odd thing is when you X out and try to look at the same card, it will then show TWO repeats of the same card. Close out again and then it'll show THREE repeats of the card. It keeps going and going. Now when I check Bill there are 24 "versions" of the card instead of 2!


Secondly, when checking the Expanded View for Pokemon, it NEVER groups cards together by set. It's always in the most incoherent order of random sets with reverse holo versions sometimes not even next to the regular version.


On a side note, TCGO makes the most arbitrary ordering decisions when it comes to listing all cards. Sometimes the foil variant is first, sometimes it's second.

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Hello trainer!


Regarding multiple versions of a card and their duplication in Expanded View, this is a known issue which the Dev team is looking into. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience!


Regarding the seemingly random order of related cards in Expanded View, this has been submitted to the Dev team for investigation.


Otherwise, if you have any feedback regarding Collection functions or anything else, we encourage you to post it in the Feedback & Suggestions subforum! :)


I'll be closing this thread now. Thanks for your reports and your patience!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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