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pyroar, latias-ex, cobalion-ex deck


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The following is my deck, it mainly loses to yveltal, darkrai exs decks. how can i improve it



Latias-ex X4

Cobalion-ex X2

Mewtwo-ex X4

Litleo(60hp) X3

Litleo(70hp) X1

Pyroar X4



Pokemon collector X2

Pokemon center lady X3

Hypnotoxic laser X2

Team flare grunt X2

Muscle band X2

Interviewers question X2



Double colourless energy X4

Prism energy X4

Rainbow energy X4

Fire energy X7

Psychic energy X4

Special metal energy X1

Metal energy X4

Blend energy(Psychic, fire) X1


Please help me to improve it.

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too many energy... almost have of the deck...

i suggest reduce energy and add energy retrieval or super energy retrieval...

also lack of draw power...

too many energy will be easy kill too leafeon (team plasma)

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As ILAUGH said, too many energys. You never habe to use more than 14 in any deck.

Also you habe too much pokemon, ideally you should habe 14 or less but I believe that 16 it's ok, not more.


Use 4 rainbow, 4 prism, 4 DCE and 2 blend for example.

Don't use flare for this deck, use enhanced hammer instead and maybe if you want crushing hammer too.

Muscle must be at least x3.

You really need searchers: 4 Juniper (don't be afraid to discard), 3 N, 2 Colress, 2 Skylas and you could add a couple of Shaunas too.

If you are going to use laser (x4), you need virbank for better damage (x2).

For yveltal, I'll recommend to change your pokemon like this:



Latias-ex X2

Cobalion-ex X2

Mewtwo-ex X3

Litleo(70hp) X3

Pyroar X2

Pikachu x2

Raichu (XY) x2


The best ace spec for this deck I think it is Computer Search but Scramble switch is good too. Dowsing is a waste of time here.

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Okay you can't put all of those Pokemon is one deck. Lets try to focus on just one of them, Pyroar.



Charizard Ex (CB) x1

Litleo (70 hp) x4

Pyroar x4

Mewtwo Ex x1



Bycicle x3

Computer Search x1

Pokemon Catcher x4

Roller Skates x4

Switch x4

Ultra Ball x4

Black Smith x3

Lysandre x3

N x4

Professor Juniper x4

Muscle Band x4



Fire Energy x8

Double Colorless x4


Hope I Helped :)


For more decks like this visit the Hellooo Wizard found in the Deck Construction Zone :)

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