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Bad deck - Breloom Deck + Gliscor Deck


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There are tons of bad decks you can make that are semi-fun.


This one was a random idea I felt like sharing, basic idea: A breloom deck that would full heal itself.


The idea was to get out breloom and using FuF Machamp, Fighting Stadium, and strong energy - to hit say-60-80 damage to fully heal breloom. In addition I ran Virizion ex and focus sashes. This way breloom was impossible to ohko as long as the sash was attached. Needless to say, a pretty bad deck with megaphone around and focus sash disappearing after a single use. Basically its a crustle deck of old.


Another fun random deck is to use gliscor from bcr as a donphan lite. Use Lysandre/Gliscor to try and pull out pokemon to hit with gliscor + virbank that will prevent them from retreating. Then the following turn use gliscor's 2nd attack which lets you retreat onto bench for safety.


I couldn't make these ideas work too well, so was curious if anyone had some ideas/suggestion support to work with these.

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