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Trading M-Lucario EX Reg.

Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

I have to say, I just got the best pull (s) of my entire life from Furious Fists.

I got 2 M-Lucario EX pulls in a row!

Since I have an extra I'm feeling generous,

I'm trading it and some of my other pulls for FUF packs.


1 M-Lucario EX Reg = 2

1-1-1 Blaiziken = .5

2 Accelgor= .25 each

2 Hitmonchan + 1 RH Hitmonlee = .5

1-1 Golurk = .5


2 RH Training Center = .5 each

2 Strong Energy = .5 each.

1 Super Scoop Up = .5

1 RH Jaw Fossil = .5


I am trading the above cards for the value mentioned above in FUF packs. (That seems to be the standard atm.)

Send offers my way to ArtichokeCat! I try to log on every single day but sometimes I'm busy.


Also looking for 2 Manaphy PLS, which is about .5 each in value. :)

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