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Hydreigon/Yveltal-EX Deck


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Pokemon - 15


Deino (LT) x3

Zweilous (LT) x2

Hydreigon (DEX) x3

Darkrai EX

Yveltal EX x2

Yveltal x2

Mewtwo EX



Trainer Cards - 33


Professor Sycamore x4

N x3

Skyla x2

Colress x2



Max Potion x3

Rare Candy x3

Computer Search

Professor’s Letter

Startling Megaphone x2

Switch x2

Ultra Ball x3

Muscle Band x3


Shadow Circle x3


Energy - 12


Double Colorless Energy x2

Rainbow Energy

Psychic Energy

Darkness Energy x8




Pretty simple stuff as far as strategy. Yveltal EX and Mewtwo EX are the main attackers, with Yveltal to get back energy and Hydreigon to abuse Dark Trance/Max Potion, as well as attack safeguard pokemon/Pyroar. Deck works fairly well, but is definitely a little rough around the edges. Looking for ways to tweak it and figured I'd open the floor for suggestions. Shadow Circle is really just a counter stadium, with the added benefits of getting rid of bad weaknesses on Mewtwo, Yveltal, and Darkrai.


Edit: Forgot to mention Deino and Zweilous are dragon type to protect against fighting weakness

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