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Rewarded 4th star (not)


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Today I played a match against the AI trainer Rika. My overall score against her prior to the match was 3/4 stars, at approximately 16000 /30000 points.


When I won the match, I was shown my score being updated (to about 22,000 points of 30,000) and that window awarded me a fourth star. However this is not true; I didn't hit 30,000 points to get that fourth star (and booster pack) with, that will take 1-2 more matches still.


The actual reward for this match was correct (a standard 1 Trainer Token), it's just the window that showed my overall score against her was wrong in lighting up that fourth star at this time.

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Hi Stratadrake,


This is a known issue which the Dev team will be investigating. As such, I'll be closing this thread. Please feel free to create a new one or submit a ticket via the link in my sig if you have any other bugs to report.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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