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Need deck help!


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SO I have a White Kyurem EX deck with the White Kyurem from BCR (I don't have the PLS one yet) and I almost always fail because of getting a latias EX on the first turn or no energy. Help?



1-1-1 Blastoise line, squirtle is the good one

1 Sigilyph

2 Keldeo EX

1 Meloetta

1 White Kyurem EX (have no more)

1 manaphy

1 Entei EX

1 Latias EX



2 Red Card

1 Fiery Torch

2 Prof Letter

1 Startling megaphone

1 Laser

1 Elesa

1 Shadow Triad

1 Iris

1 Skyla

1 Pokemon Center Lady

2 N

1 Pokemon Fan Club

1 ACE SPEC Crystal Edge

2 Exp. Share

2 Rescue scarf

1 hard charm

1 Sparkling Robe

2 Tool Scrapper

1 Pal pad

3 potion

4 Switch

2 Max revive



4 Fire

1 Psychic

6 Water

1 Rainbow

2 Prism

1 Blend GDRP

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Ok, so I'll make these changes:

-1 Sparkling Robe

-2 Rescue scarf

+3 Juniper

and the latias EX can combat pyroar too, search it up for details

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remove 2 switch, add 2 corless. it's great when there is a lot of bench pokemon.

for lack of energy, you could add energy retrieval or super energy retrieval.

remove max revive, use scared ash. scared ash is better then max revive or super rod.

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Okay everyone you can not make so just statements as to say that at most there should be only a certain amount of pokemon or energy in a deck because each deck verys that is what makes each deck unique. I know some very good deck with around 25 pokemon in it and only 9 energy details like this can change between decks. But my opinion for this deck is to tare it down and re build it again because this deck you have right now is a Chaos of Items and energy and pokemon make a basic idea for the deck and build off of that

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