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Your packs/cards for my cards - propugnator


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Hi guys, I've been noticing a whole lot of people trying to get some of my stuff for very cheap trades (e.g. 2 common basics for a HGSS art energy) so I'll tell you my good stuff and then tell you my expectations:


Caterpie FLF - I don't expect much, eh... Maybe another random common? This wasn't one that everyone was looking for.


Cinccino NXD (artwork, still legal) - A trainer card (skyla is preferred, no full arts plz)


Cofagrigus 52/108 DEX - Accelgor DEX or Eelektrik NVI


A full Dusknoir FLF line of 1-1-3, 1 dusknoir is reverse holo and the others are holo for packs. Any amount is okay, even 1 will do, although I'll get unhappy and maybe refuse if you do that.


Meloetta EX LT - A pack or two, depends on the pack


Zekrom EX NXD - packs, period.


HGSS art energies - 1 dark, 1 psychic. 1 fighting -packs

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