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Bug concerning the Spiked Helmet Tool


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I'm not completely sure if it's the Spiked Helmet what's bugged here. Instead of a normal report, I'll describe the situation:


10th Turn (my 5th turn):

My side of the mat:

-Charizard Ex is my new Active Pokémon. Last turn, Sylveon had been knocked out by the opponent's Servine, after its Double Slash dealt 80 damage.

-Shaymin Ex and Eevee are benched

-Reshiram Ex is played onto my bench

-A Fire-type Basic Energy is attached to Charizard Ex from my hand


His side of the mat:

-A Servine with 3 energies attached to, 1 of which is a Grass-type Basic Energy, is his Active Pokémon

-Nothing is benched


The end of my turn:

-Charizard Ex uses Stoke. I get heads. I pick two Fire-type Basic Energy and one Fairy-type Basic Energy cards from my deck, and they are attached to Charizard Ex.


11th turn (my rival's 6th turn):

-His bench remains empty

-The stadium card slot on the mat remains empty

-He attaches a Spiked Helmet Pokémon Tool on Servine

-There's a chance Iris had been played at this point, adding 20 damage to the attack, and me having overlooked it, which would dismiss it all. But it's worth checking it out

-Servine uses Double Slash. The opponent gets heads once.


Expected to have happened: Charizard Ex should have been dealt 40 damage.

What happened: Charizard Ex was dealt 60 damage.

There were no abilities, weaknesses, special effects from attacks, items or stadium effects in play that would have made Servine deal 60 damage instead of 40.


Client version:

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It's a fair questioning.

I recall the following:

-The opponent's number of cards in his hand tells my memory there was just the tool played. Moreover, just to add logic into that, there was simply no reason to play her, since Charizard Ex couldn't have been knocked out (180 HP)

-Either: 1) both of us had taken one prize each, or; 2) maybe I had taken two prizes instead of one. But there's a high chance my line of thought for the second option derives from another match I had played next, and I'm mixing it all.

-I don't remember seeing Iris being played, or on top of his discard pile after Servine's attack and during my turn, in which I made a pause to look around, though I could've missed it.

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1. I think the first point is not valid, because whether the opponent played anything or not that round, they would have still lost the game due to lack of benched pokemon and charizard being powered up and KO-ing servine next turn. so if there was no point to play the Iris, there was also no point to play the rocky helmet. Opponent might just be playing their hand down knowing they were losing on the next turn.

2. so there is a chance of dealing extra 20 if you had taken 2 prizes with Iris

3. maybe the iris really was missed?


in any case seems like quite a hard thing to reproduce, probably will need more encounters to confirm this. but don't feel like it would be due to the rocky helmet

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Yes but the battle is long over. It will be down to represent the situation. If nothing buggy happens, then Iris was played and I missed it. Otherwise, the Rocky Helmet has a little problem.

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there might be some other way to acheive the damage that it did, but Iris was the one I could think of. interesting puzzle nonetheless. unfortunate that we will not get to know the answer.

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Hi JardaxMellyl,


We were unable to locate any problems with Rocky Helmet. We can try to investigate further if you can provide the Collector Numbers for the cards you mentioned in your initial report. Otherwise, please let us know if you experience this again and can confirm that there wasn't just a missed card (such as Iris).


Thanks for your report and your patience! :)

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