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Welcome fellow Bulbas. This is a new tournament called the BREAKPOINT LEAGUE TOURNAMENT. This tournament is to find the best player during the release of the new breakthrough cards. It will last 2 months. There will be a cut of the top 8 during the last 2 weeks, and a winner will be crowned right before the release of the new packs after breakpoint. (Which should be early May). Sign-up is free and you can join at any part of the season.

Rules: -You must battle your assigned player within the time given. If you fail to play them, you will not gain any points which may hurt you qualifying for the top 4.

Points: Each win is worth 2 Points. Each Loss is worth 1 Point. Players who do not play will not gain points for that week.

Format: League Matches are Best of 1. Disconnection means you lose. You can change decks between matches. STANDARD

Prizes: 20 Packs for League Champion. 10 Packs for 2nd Place.

Results: Results must be posted on forums to be official. Dont Pm me results. Post on this thread. Export game log in case of cheaters.








Bulb vs AwesomeGuy


Format: Best of 5 win by 2


Thank you Iyado and Shinsones for your participation in the tournament. 



Top Players:


Bulb: 65

Shinsones: 58

Awesomeguy: 57

Pn1214: 51

Iyado: 54




Bulb vs: Pika L(W W); vs Chawkyv W(W W); vs Daniel L(W W); vs Luck W (W W); vs Shinsones W L W; vs Iyado W W W; vs Pn1214 L W; vs Awesome W W L; vs Snorlax (W W W); vs Luck (W W W); vs Meagseevee (W W W); Pikablutwo (W W W) 



Pikachu vs: Bulb W*; vs Awesome W; L vs Chawkyv L; vs DanielPeebles W*; vs Shisones W* vs Pn1214 L*; vs Iyado L


Awesome vs: Pika L W (W); vs Chawkyv W (W W); vs SHinsones W W L; vs Iyado L L W; vs Pn1214 L W W; vs Bulb L L W vs Daniel (W W W); vs Snorlax (W W W); vs Luck (W W W); vs Meagseevee (W W W); vs Pikablutw (W W W)



Chawkyv vs: Shinsones W; vs Danielpeebles W; vs Pikachu W; vs Bulb L; vs Awesome L



Danielpeebles vs: Shinsones L; vs Chawkyv L; vs Pikachu L*; vs Bulb W*; vs Pn1214 W vs Awesome *



Shinsones vs: Chawkyv L (W W); vs Danielpeebles W (W W); vs Pikachu L(W W); vs Awesome L L W; vs Bulb L W L; Iyado L W W; vs p1214 W W L; vs Snorlax (W W W); vs Luck (W W W); vs Meagseevee (W W W); vs Pikablutwo (W W W)



Pn1214 vs: Iyado W L W; vs Snorlax W (W W); vs Luck W (W W); vs Meagseevee W (W W); vs Bulb W L; vs Pikachu W(W W); vs Awesomeguy W L L; vs Daniel Peebles L (W W); vs Shinsones L W L; vs Pikablutwo (W W W)



Iyado166 vs: Pn1214 L W L; vs Meagseevee L (W W); vs Pikablutwo W (W W); vs Luck L (W W); vs Awesome W W L; vs Bulb L L L; vs Pikachu W (W W) vs Shnsones W L L; vs Chawkyv (W W W) vs Daniel (W W W); vs Snorlax (W W W)



Snorlaxcom vs: Pn1214 L



Meagseevee vs: Iyado W; vs Pn1214 L



Luck vs: Pikablutwo W; vs Iyado W; vs Pn1214 L; vs Bulb L



Pikablutwo vs: Luck L; vs Iyado L; vs Jagash L



Jagash vs: Pikablutwo W



Methodman vs:



Round 1




March 8th:



Meagseevee defeated Iyado



March 9th:



Luck defeated Pikablutwo
Pn1214 defeated Iyado166



Chawkyv deeated Shinsones



Shinsones defeated Daniel Peebles



March 10th:



Chawkyv defeated Danielpeebles



Pikachu defeated Bulb



Chawkyv defeated Pikachu



March 12:



Pn1214 Defeates Snorlax



March 13:



Pikachu Beats Awesome Guy



March 14:



Iyado defeats Pikablutwo



March 15



Pikachu defeats Danielpeebles



Jagash beat Pikablutwo



March 16



Pikachu defeats Shinsones



March 17



Luck defeats Iyado



Bulb defeats Chawkyv



March 18:



Pn1214 Defeats Luck



March 20th



Awesome guy defeats Chawkyv



Awesome defeats shinsones



Pn1214 defeats Meagseevee



March 23



Bulb defeats Luck



Iyado Defeats Awesome



March 27



Bulb Defeats Shinsones



March 31



Bulb defeats Iyado



April 1



Pn1214 Defeats Bulb



April 2nd



Pn1214 Defeats Pikachu



April 3rd



Pn1214 Defeats Awesomeguy



April 4th



Iyado Beats Pikachu



April 5th



DanielPeebles defeats Pn1214



April 7th



Awesome beats Pikachu



April 9th



Iyado beat Awesome guy



Iyado beat Shinsones



April 10th



Bulb defeats Awesomeguy



April 11th



Shinsones defeats Pn1214



Iyado defeats pn1214



April 12th



Bulb defeats Pn1214



April 13th



Bulb defeats Iyado



April 14th



Awesome beats Iyado



April 19th



Bulb defeats Iyado



April 20th



Shinsones defeats Bulb



Bulb defeats Awesomeguy



April 27th



Shinsones beat Iyado



Awesomeguy beat Shinsones



April 28th



Bulb defeats shinsones



April 30th


Pn11214 defeats Iyado


May 11


Shinsones beat Iyado


Awesome Beats Bulb


May 15th

 Awesome guy beats Pn1214 (x2)

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this just might be the hardest set of people taking challenges i have ever seen. I will be amazed if some one beats all 5 of these players in a row with the standard format that is current. good luck.

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Hi, I will like to take on the e4 battle scence, However I did see thier was already an e4 here no? Did the other e4 members quit?


Hi guest, there could be other threads regarding other Elite 4 members, as this particular event is for the community, and created by community members (in this case Bulbasaur created this thread). So there could be other threads with Elite 4 members, but this thread is brand new, and the Elite 4 players here have not quit (we haven't even officially had an Elite 4 event yet, and our first one is this upcoming Wednesday September 24 at 7 pm, although the time may be subject to change)! Hope this answers some of your questions.

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"I want to challenge the Elite 4"

Do we have to use the same deck for the whole challenge correct ? If so, I am fine with that.


Having discussed things with Bulbasaur (we still haven't finalized everything yet, so I apologize if I am wrong), but you can switch decks in between games, as the Elite 4 members also won't have static decks (ie I can face you with various different decks should you choose to re-challenge me if you lose to me). Just note that everything hasn't been completely finalized yet, and we will let you all know more on the day when you are taking this challenge. Best of luck versus all of us :).


Note: The awards haven't been completely finalized yet either and depending on challengers' performance, prizes may change to include unique rewards such as FA cards, rare coins, rare cards, etc.

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Note to Bulb: Looks like Nakulan and Tarif15 were skipped in the sign-up sheet, and they should have priority before InfinityPie.


Also to Blacksmith: What tournament are you talking about? This is the Elite4 challenge which is occurring Tomorrow (September 24 at 7 PM EASTERN TIME, not Pacific Time). If you'd like to sign up, you should probably repost on this thread so that Bulbasaur puts you on the sign-up sheet.

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