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LF energy coins


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They seem incredibly hard to come by so I don't make any light offer for them.


The coins I'm after are:

Blue Energy Coin (both variants why not)

Gold Energy Coin

Green Energy Coin

(I think the Red Energy coin has fallen into oblivion)


I'm offering EXs and other gameplay 1 EX per coin, multiple coins (and the Beta rewards) per coin.




FA Charizard-EX


Chespin Coin

Froakie Coin

Copper Mewtwo and Gliscor Coin

Silver Energy coin

Yveltal Coin

Silver Infernape and Gallade Coin


Beta Rewards deck box

Beta Rewards sleeve

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yea it was just like the beta rewards, the energy coins were given out to players early beta, but unlike thee beta rewards they arnt tradable


If that's so then they probably should patch out the ability to ask for them in trades.

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