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Some questions about TCGO's history


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I've decided to give back a little to the community by updating some of the information pages on an outside website that relate o the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which have become dated with recent updates. In so doing, I have three questions for you Pokemon TCG Online veterans and staff that haunt this thread:


1.) Somewhere along the way, I remember reading someone's post somewhere about the Trainer Challenge point system. In particular, how a multiplier was applied based on what level the player chooses: Easy (0.5x), Medium (normal), Hard (x3). However, I am going from memory at this point, which for me at least is not always accurate. I have been unsuccessful in retro-actively searching for said posting or article that spells its out definitively. Does anyone here know?


2.) Do purchased Theme decks (purchased meaning redeemed physical decks or virtual Token/Gem "purchased" decks) still slow unlock through the first 11 wins, or was this a "feature" that was phased out? I am relatively new at this, but I had no reason to believe that I was not using full purchased Theme decks from the start after virtually purchasing them until I read otherwise. The three in-game Starter Theme decks still unlock, but what about purchased decks? Anyone remember when this changed?


3.) Does anyone remember about when the TCGO transitioned from being a browser-based game to a downloadable game?


Inquiring minds may want to know.

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