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Can the game be installed on a different hard drive?


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I have a small SSD for my OS. I had the game installed but it left me with very little space available on my boot drive. I had to uninstall it because of the 2.2GB in the web unity cache folder. Is it possible to completely install the game on a different hard drive? I enjoy the game, it is way easier than playing with cards and I find it a great way to learn the rules of pokemon.

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I tried this and initially it did install on my second hard drive P:


As the game was played it used up 1.68GB on my primary C: drive. The folder that contained most of the data was "C:\Users\<user account>\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer\Cache\The Pok__mon Company International_Pokemon Trading Card Game Online"


I tried the modify option from "Programs and Features" to see if anything could be changed. It showed the C: drive when I highlighted the main application. So either the installer isn't working properly (ignoring the P:\ drive selection or not flexible enough) or you're handcuffed by Unity.


I've uninstalled TCGO again.


Can I install the Unity Web Player (http://unity3d.com/webplayer) before installing TCGO or will TCGO install it anyway?


OS: Windows 7 64-bit

HD: 64GB C:, 64GB P:, 1TB D:


CPU: Intel 2500K

GPU: nvidia GTX 570

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