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Tag Match Tournament


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#TSS4 Tag Match Tournament

Hi Pokemon TCG players !!!

U got partner that knows how to play this game, and u want to play side-by-side with him and win some cool stuffs?

This is right place for u :)


Me and my partner Enrico-lim will make this great tourney in next few weeks (sponsored by TSS4).





Player 1: __________

Player 2: ___________



Single Elimination Cut



Best out of 1 match.




To win matches against players, you got to have 2 wins, so both you and your teamate is suppose to win. however if your teammate loses and you win, the winning participants will battle to see who’s the winner for the team.


U can change decks after each round


Standard format


its a 2v2 tag battle.

its a 8 team tag tournament.

so 16 players



If u want to join this nice tourney, we need urs help.

Each team need to donate 2 packs that will be given as prize on the very end.






as we now got just 16 packs (8 teams) from donation


Prizes for 2nd-... :


2nd team got 8 packs+donphan prime

third team 6 packs

fourth team 2 pack







Tourney will start as soon as we got 8 teams up :)



First 8 teams that donate packs will enter tourney




1. Enrico-lim, ciri_car

2. grizzlych , Mattew69

3. vas100 , i8m

4. BLACKSMITH208 , frtipachi

5.Mikedewby, Bulbasaur32277

6.tomtheman , tarif15

7.Azcookie , Wiz-Prince(donated +2xy)


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Extra donation from TSS4 as sponsor:



Umbreon prime

FA genesect EX

Tyranitar prime + full HGSS evo-line




winners will be one that will take this great prize and share it between team

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So if I sign up, do I have to find a partner AND THEN sign up or can I sign up first and then find a partner :P


can be any. however you should be able to find a partner before 16 teams enter.

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Yay! GO TEAM BULB/MIKE...............or if you put it together..........TEAM BIKE!...................maybe not but looking forward to our match...........partner!

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Since this is taking long, Me and Ciri are making this 8 Teams (Total of 16 players)


-Double Elimination.(Post here if you won.) and who won in your team Example: Player 1 and player 2 won (2-0) or Player 1 won and Player 2 loss so Player 1 will have to play and if player 1 wins its considered (2-1)


Donations are now accepted.

Pairings will be posted after all donations are completed.



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