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A person assured to give me fa reshiram-ex for 3 packs but he wanted 1 pack advance. He assured me but when i gave him 1 pack and asked to give me fa reshiram-ex for 2 packs, he went offline. You can see my chat with him and my trades sent to him. Please help by accepting them and help me to get my fa reshiram-ex or reverse my trade and get me my pack back.

Please help

I will be very thankful.

Details-He took my plasma storm pack for abomasnow and has to give reshiram-ex fa for 1 plasma blast+1legendary treasures pack.

(you can know the name by seeing my trades or contacting me)

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We'll take a look into this for scamming attempts, however the in-game trade system is set up specifically to allow the simultaneous exchange of items, eliminating the need for someone to 'send first'. In the future, we recommend that you require both parties to put all of the items being exchanged into a single trade offer to ensure that you're both getting the items you've agreed to.


This thread will now be closed. Take it easy!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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