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Pearl & Diamant, Platin era cards in PTCGO


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Hi everyone!

I thought it would be pretty interesting discussing, if it would be cool that cards from the Pearl & Diamant, Platin era finding its way to PTCGO. Some of you might agree that always playing against similar Decks (like pyroar, yveltal etc.) can be at some point very tiresome. Putting in LV. X give you a little change of scenery + all the other pokemons and their trainers/supporters would be a great addition to the whole game, especially for Unlimited (and I play Unlimited for around 95% :D ).

Many senior players already know of the hidden existence of some Pearl & Diamant, Platin era cards in the gallery of PTCGO, like the reprint of Charmander-Charizard etc. but a photo (maybe from PAX?) showed even Blaziken LV. X and a few others on PTCGO (which I couldnt find in game at the moment :D ). Hope they are planning to add all these cards to the game somewhen in the future :)

What is your opinion about an addition of all these old sets ? ;)

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