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Bug with Mew's Versatile attack


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I just played a game and I had a Mew EX as active pokémon and a Dragonite EX on my bench. I could not use Dragonite's Jet Pulse with my Mew's Versatile attack. I had enough energy cards (2 green & 1 yellow). This has happened more than once now.


Client Version:

Card: Mew EX & Dragonite EX

Card Number: Dragons Exhalted #46 & Furious Fist #74

Expected Action: Mew EX can use Dragonite's Jet Pulse attack with Versatile

Actual Action: It can not be used

Steps to Reproduce: Have Mew EX as active Pokémon with enough energy and Dragonite EX on your bench. Use Versatile.

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Hi AlexTeTTn,


We were unable to replicate this. It would be incredibly helpful to our investigation of you could provide more information, such as the exact Mew-EX and Dragonite-EX (including Collector Number) in play when you experienced this and whether or not you were using any type of Special Energy.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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