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Omega Grass Deck


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here is a supper strong grass deck.i use it.i won 367 matches with it.



Pokemons-1. venasaur ex.(3)

2.M-venasaur ex(3)

3.heracross ex.(2)

4.M-heracross ex(2)

5.virizion ex.(4)

6.celebi ex.(1)





Trainers- 1.evosoda(4)

2.rock gaurd.ace-spec

3.energy revital.(4)

4.hard charm(4)

5.hypno toxic laser(4)


Energy- 1.Herbal energy(4)

2.grass energy(15)

3.double colssress energy(4)


Fell free give new ideas and fixes.:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):)

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Pokemon: 17

-Heracross EX x2

-M-heracross EX x2 (Only run 2-2 line since there is not much space in this deck and with Virizion taking two turns and a few search cards you have a time before you need a Heracross EX benched)

-Virizion EX x3 (Getting somewhere, guess you know what is the best start, unfortunately for space I'm gonna just say 3 for now)

-3-2-2 Dusknoir FF (If you have a look at this card this is a very reliable way to heal your Heracross EX and with max potion can be used again. although it limited as chances are you will discard your max potions the fact you have almost a whole turn with Mega heracross unharmed can be very valuable)

-VirizionLT/Tropius (Attack safeguarders, Virizion is more reliable with muscle band as atleast it doesnt need opponent to have energy attachment)

-Jirachi EX (Very reliable, espcially in a deck running evo's things can get clunky and that Juniper could be what you need or that N when you finally set up and are down by few prizes or for the Fan club on yoru first turn)

-Jynx FUFI (This itself replaces serperior because the main/often only Pokemon that needs damage removed is Heracross)


Trainers: 20

-Ultra ball x2

-Rare candy (Only one, well I run x1 too in my XerneasEX/DusknoirBCR deck and having one there has actually helped, luckilly for this deck you do have time to manually evolve)

-Bicycle x2 (May want to trade this card for skyla but it has always helped me out)

-Max potion x3

-Master ball/Computer Search ACE SPEC (Computer search can get you whatever although getting the Pokemon is important due to using up a turn with evolving the Mega you want everything as soon as possible so Masterball is still a good choice)

-Energy retrieval

-Sacred ash (Yay more Heracross xD)

-Hard charm/Muscle Band x3 (Muscle band and hard charm have similar benefits to this deck, except muscle band can help Virizionlt/Tropius

-Pal pad

-Switch x2

-Escape rope (Typical switch cards as you'd expect in VirGen except this deck needs it more)

-Starling Megaphone x2 (The deck gets shutdown by Garbardor easily so you need to be running some atleast)


Supporters: 12

-Proffessor Juniper/Sycamore x4

-N x3 (N will be helpful since you may lose prize cards before your finally set up)

-Colress x2 (Very good late game and those few cards can be the difference from winning and this can provide those massive hands)

-Pokemon fan club (In general is good for this deck from start to later)

-Lysandre x2 (You need this to get those important ko's such as take put the biggest threat, this deck has weakness and with this card it could provide the answer you need for a win.)


Energy: 11

Basic Grass x8 (Can get few turns of Emerald slash, I'd say two minimum depending on your hand and other stuff....)

Herb energy x3 (More healing on your way)


EDIT: Since you seem new I'll explain this. A typical range for Energies in a deck is 9-14, and this is evident in winning decks in world for example. There maybe exceptions but you can tell if thats the case.

The idea is to have more draw or shuffling cards in your deck that you it gives you more options into searching for new cards. The more of your deck you see the more you have the chance of getting the card you need including energy/items/pokemon etc. If you ran majorly energy, you will likely get alot of energy in hand and you may never draw into the pokemon/card you need for the entire game because the energies aren't giving you opportunities to see more card and have better options for what move to make. Whereas a supporter is giving you the chance to see new cards and often if all goes smoothly say average luck you'll get the energy to play every first few turns. Don't get me wrong you still need the energies but not so much in a deck :)

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That is an extremely bad deck for 10 reasons

First of all there is no supporters

Second of all there is no draw power

Third of all Mega Pokemon are just not that good because you have to end your turn to evolve

Forth of all there are WAY too many energy's and Pokemon there should be at MOST be only 24 Pokemon and energy's in a deck

Fith of all you would get destroyed against any Pyroar deck or any deck with fire Pokemon

Sixth of all stage 2 Pokemon decks are usually very bad without rare candy and still aren't that good

Seventh of all your ace spec choice is weak and Computer search, dowsing machine or even scramble switch would be better

Eighth of all the few Trainers you do have are bad

(1) Why would you have 4 hypnotoxic lasers without any verbank?

(2) Why would you need energy retrieval with 23 ENERGYS!!!

(3) There are so many better tool cards then hard charm for example muscle band

Ninth of all What the heck your deck is worst than a theme deck

Tenth of all were did you get this deck from a deck wizard and then you took out all your suppoters replaced them with less useful Trainers and then took out those Trainers and replaced them with more Pokemon and energy!!!!


Kid do you realize how bad that deck is?

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TARIF15.....is that all you do is comment "that is a bad deck" on everything? almost every thing you've commented on is "a bad deck"


well in this case everything about this deck is bad. words dont do it justice so tarif15 actually could say something like this

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Are you playing practice matches or ranked? I honestly don't see this deck winning very often when playing against current decks

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