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Lordcolress' Wants and Trades.


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Im looking for the following: FA Victini NVI and Serperior SR.

Please use The Superior Source 4 Cards trade thread for values. I am a member and I'll reference the prices from there. Below are cards I am WTT and their quantities in parenthesis.




FA Supporters: Ghetsis (4), Iris (3), Cheren (4), Bianca (4), Battle Reporter (5), Fossil Researcher (2), Korrina (5), Pokemon Center Lady (5), and Pokemon Fan Club (4).


FA Pokemon EX: 1 Articuno, 1 Charizard, 1 Groudon, 1 Heatran, 1 Heracross, 1 Keldeo, 1 Landorus, 4 Latias, 3 Lugia. 1 Mew DRX, 1 Raikou, 1 Regigigas, 1 Shaymin NXD, 1 Terrakion, 1 Venusaur, and 1 Zekrom NXD.


Packs: 2 DEX, 2 PLB, 1 XY, 7 FLF, and 12 FUF.


All of these are for trade, so send an offer please and thank you!

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