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FT: FAs and SR


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SR Max Potion = 20 FuF packs


FA Skarmory-Ex

FA Magnezone-Ex

FA Regigigas-Ex

FA Toxicroak-Ex

FA Palkia-Ex

FA Dialga-Ex

FA Heatran-Ex

FA Pokemoncenter Lady

FA Korrina

FA Cheren

Fighting CoL Energy



I'll just want 20 Fuf packs for max potion.

Send me fair offers for other FAs (can be any packs or any cards)


LFs (for FAs)

Skyla reg

Machamp with ability

Strong Energy

Herbal Energy

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Hey, I am interested in FA Korrina and CoL Fighting Energy (How many of these do you have?). I have packs but was hoping that we could trade instead. I have Machamp w/ ability (6 PB Abilities & 3 FuF Abilities Machamps), Herbal Energy (9), Strong Energy (5), Skyla (3). Please let me know if you would be interested in making a deal or how many packs the 1 Korrina FA will cost me.




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