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Exploiting Problems


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In my experience of TCGO, there have been many mishaps of player taking advantage of other players. I have been both a victim and culprit to this as I'm sure many of us have in the trading center. The rule is the price of a card is what someone is willing to pay. I do try to help newbs as if they challenge the elite four I'll give them a stack of my extra cards, Many being rares, uncommons etc. Some people take advantage of it and trade it in for a few packs. I find it disheartening but I suppose it's their choice. I also fear there are people who refuses to play nicely lol.



I have created this forum so we can come together to see what players are untrustworthy, Players who have broke agreements and such. I believe this is necessary as many tourneys local players create are based on a trust system. I just get angry at how some players are generous enough to have this opportunities for newbies and people take atvatage of that. I remember when I first played how disheartening it was to face ex pokemon when I didn't have much to start with. So when we are in a more sophisticated TCGO time, these problems still occur. When veterans players reach out to these newbs they really help them. I was helped a lot as a newb (After getting scammed).


I am no saint. I have Also scammed new players before but Now I realize this game is meant to be fun. Please help me create a TCGO where we can trust another player. I always thought wager battles are fun, but the tend to be the most scammed of all. I have recently was playing with a new player and used some of my silly decks such as devour durant/Dialge ex. When I lost, I gave a blastoise ex. I did not received it back when I won our next game. Please help me limit this behavior. =) It's so sad to see this happening to one of my favorite TCGO games.

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Hello trainers,


First, I would like to post a reminder that wagering cards or other items on battles is not permitted. This is toes the line of gambling in the Pokémon TCG Online, and we believe that gambling is not in the spirit of Pokémon.


With that being said, this type of thread seems to encourage users to call out other players publicly. This is not permitted, as it can lead to unfair accusations, flaming, and harassment. As such, I'll be closing this thread. If you need to report a player, you can do so in-game by clicking their silhouette in chat and clicking the exclamation point button. You can also report a player via the support portal by clicking the link in my signature or navigating to support.pokemon.com, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your understanding! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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