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Change Notification Window Popup


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I would say the current one with the window popping up and stopping you from doing whatever you are doing is a bit annoying and out of place. I feel it would be much nicer as a small notification pane that pops up at the lower right hand corner.




"Coolguy64 has sent you a private trade!"


"Coolguy64 says: Hey br0 saw your new card!"


"Your trade has expired."


And of course at any time if you missed it you are more than capable of going back and reading it thanks to the already existing messages located next to your private messages.


Small inconvenience but just one of those things that seems like it should already exist. Lol on another note, where are the developers of this game located? What state and city? Are you guys still taking applications?

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Hi Criminon,


I'll submit your suggestion to the Dev team for review and leave this thread open for discussion in the meantime.


The forums are not the place to discuss career opportunities, but please feel free to check on this by clicking the "Legal Info" link at the bottom of this page and then clicking "Careers" on the sidebar.


As always, we appreciate your input! :)

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