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Help With Psychic Deck


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ive been working on a psychic deck and i would like some suggestions what i should keep in or take out.



Toxicroak EX

Mew EX

Ekans x2

Arbok x2





Ralts x2

Kirlia x2

Gallade x2



Trubbish x2






Crushing Hammer

Escape Rope


Potion x2

Professor's Letter x2

Roller Skates x2

Tool Scrapper




Pokemon Center Lady

Tierno x2

Hard Charm

Rocky Helmet x2



DCE x2

Psychic x16

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if you have the 4 Espeon put them in and the eevee from furiours fist. fast evolution pokemon.

i have 2 Toxicroak EX and celestia ex included in my psychic deck. additional to denenne. thats all may pokemon i the deck

i only have 12 Psychic Energy and 2 DCE.


cut down some pokemon and try adding trainer card.

your trainer is only 19 - quite low in my opinion.

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2-2 Garbodar (Garbotoxin)

2 Toxicroak-EX

1,2 or 3 Mewtwo-EX

1 or 2 Lugia-EX (team plasma)

1,2, or 3 Deoxys-EX (team plasma)

No more than 12 Pokemon


4 N

4 Professor Juniper or Sycamore

3 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Verbank City Gym

3 or 4 Ultra Ball

2 or 3 Skyla

1,2,3 or 4 Lysandre

1 or 2 Startling Megaphone

the rest is up to you and what you think will help you out the most, try to keep the count up to 35-38 trainers


3-4 double colorless energy

8 Physic energy

really don't more than 12


Basically since you have Toxicroak-EX you can force your op to constantly retreat or risk having very fast KOs when you combo Toxicroak's Triple Poison for 30 damage poison damage with Verbank City Gym's add 2 more damage counters when poisoned for a total of 50 poison per turn. This fast damage acceleration will leave your heavy attacker open to make easier and faster KO's. There's a lot of synergy that can happen if you go the team plasma rout with Deoxys and Lugia. You could also include Girantena (plasma storm) if you go the team plasma way and just really take advantage of the condition effects and inflict mass amounts of damage fast, and if you go the team plasma rout make sure include as many team plasma trainers and energy that provide more synergy to your deck so it runs smothly. Also you can go for the free retreat rout to make getting Toxicroak's triple poison and then a KO hit faster and easier with 1 Darkrai-EX, Fairy Garden or Float Stone....you would have to use the appropriate energy type for Darkrai or Fairy Garden though which is fine since the majority of the Pokemon listed have their main attacks requiring only colorless energy. There's so many options to explore with this deck.


This is just my opinion on how I would go about using Toxicroak-EX. Hope this helps you any.

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Well stage 2 decks don't work that well and this deck has alot of evolutions in it so you might want to run 4 evosada and a couple of rare candy to get those pokemon out there faster and you shold have around 30 energys and pokemon at most and the rest be trainers and yo need better draw cards I suggest the standered 4 juniper 4 N and 2 colress and then some other good supporters too like pokemon fan club Lysandre and since your a beginner throw in a Shauna and rocky helmet is not a very good tool card so instead try getting muscle band or silver bangle and play around 2-4 switching cards and you should get rid of roller skates and crushing hammer completely then try getting a pokemon that has a good move for energy acceleration and since your going for the poison theme put in 4 hypnotoxic laser and 2 virbank city gym and putting 1-2 bycicle in there would be good too also another supporter that is good is skyla get as many as you can in there then look at your evolutions and take out the useless ones for example spoink and grumpig then the last thing to do is too find your decks main weakness and put a strong counter to that in your deck


I hope I helped

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y so many mewtwo? and lugia wouldn't even be able too attack and since when did he say he wanted a team plasma deck? weres colress? and he should have 4 lasers and you really only need 2 virbank and he needs 4 ultra ball and he should play 4 skyla y so many lyssandre 2 at most since you play garbotoxin you only need one megaphone and you should never put a limit on trainers 30 at the least and the sky is the limit and 8 of one energy is alot and he shouldnt have 3-4 dce he cant really use that much and were is the verity with that deck if he comes across any dark deck or any deck at all he will probibly lose even if it is a theme deck

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Never said he had to use a plasma deck and he never said he wanted to, I was simply suggesting that he could go plasma for synergy and there are quite a few plasma related cards that work well with the hypnotoxic laser and condition effects. Also I suggested so many Mewtwo-EX because 1 its easy to power up for heavy hitting and 2 if he is working the 30 to 50 poison damage per turn then Mewtwo won't have to power up as much to land KO hits. Also Lugia could attack but is slow to build up, unless he got 2 double colorless on it or at least 1 double colorless. Also he can every easily use 3 and even 4 double colorless energy as Toxicroak's Triple Poision requires 2 colorless energy, Mewtwo's X-Ball requires 2 colorless energy, Lugia's only attack requires 4 colorless energy, 1 energy placement per turn without other effects means instant powered up attack for Toxicroak and Mewtwo, so why wouldn't he run 3 or 4 double colorless? The only two Pokemon I listed that actually require a specific energy type is Garbodar and Deoxys-EX. As for Lugia itself its mainly the ability you want with it making non-EX KOs worth 2 prizes and EX KOs worth 3 prizes. Also I didn't list Corless because with so many competitive decks running Pokemon Catcher and/or Lyssandre, you don't want more Pokemon on the Bench than you absolutely need so you can not only focus your energy attachments on exactly what you need powered up but also it limits your opponents choices for Catcher and Lyssandre and its helps the opponents Corless as little as possible. If he were to run Colress, I suggest 1, 2 max. My friend ran a deck like this but instead of Garbodar he ran Gourgeist for Spirit Scream making any Pokemon regardless of it current HP drop down to 10HP and KO'd during the turn transition from either Toxicroak or Hypnotoxic Laser....really effective against Mega EXs with their 200+ HP.

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