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Assorted end-of-game-detection oddities


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Here's another rare case where a match ends properly but some minor things happen before the game officially recgonizes it:


- (was playing the Trainer Challenge using the Enchanted Echo deck)

- I had taken five Prize Cards so far; Sylveon is my active and just a few turns ago I Poisoned my opponent with Victreebel's Ability.

- On my turn, the opponent is still Poisoned and has exactly 10 HP left. Knowing that my his Active Pokemon is not long for the match, I just pass my turn.

- Between turns, the Poisoned Pokemon becomes KO, and the game claims my last Prize Card automatically.

- The game displays "Opponent Turn", then quickly declares "Victory".


That last step is the oddity - claiming my last prize card by this method (e.g. between turns) didn't immediately trigger a Victory.

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Hi Stratadrake,


If you happen to see this again and are able to take a screenshot, that would be incredibly helpful to our investigation. You can submit screenshots via support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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Well, this is actually the sort of thing that would be better shown via video capture than a still image, but capturing video can get complicated quickly. This oddity is also a bit tricky to reproduce in the first place (the conditions are pretty specific), but if I can find a scenario where it's about to happen again I will try to capture it.

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