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looking for pointers


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Editing why is there no links or images allowed, thats frustrating.


The basic idea is that Korrina pulls machoke and an evo soda to turn one of your 4 machops into a machamp. Im pretty new to the online version so even though there may be other (maybe better) ways to get him rolling i dont have access to them.


I have found that landorus/Terrakion and meishao have a little bit of synergy, as I use Meinshaio to soften up sweepers that get setup by bouncing him, putting 40 damage down and switching to a basic pokemon to sacrifice can help keep my beefed up cards with energy on the table longer and let them revenge kill. Getting them to 3-4 attacks vs 1-2 because this way they come in for revenge kills.


Any ideas for improvements should take into consideration I mostly have XY cards. Im looking for small card swaps that will make it function better rather than a complete overhaul, and of course thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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