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Unable to chat with people


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Hi there


I recently had my account closed such that I could not trade/communicate with people (I was testing out the privacy options). After setting the account and all the settings to open, I am having some communications issues. I can only see and speak in the general chat. All other chats are closed to me. I can open them, but I can't write in there, and I can't see what other people write. I have the same issue in the versus chat.


I'm sure that I haven't been muted, and I have set all my ptcgo settings to open. It all happened after I had my account closed.


I hope you can help, since I really miss the community communication.



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Please submit a ticket to customer service by following the link in my signature.


Thank you for the help.

I submitted a ticket the day you wrote the post, but haven't heard anything yet. It's still just open. Do you know how long I can expect to have to wait for a reply?

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Hello Kyle198301,


In future, please do not reply to an old thread to ask an unrelated question. Your Trade settings is already set to Open. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance. You can click on the link in my signature and use the "Ask a Question" option to send your ticket.




Closing this thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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