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Offer for a FA Lucario-EX


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Hi guys! I was looking to upgrade my Lucario-EX to a Lucario-EX FA. Here is my offer


Lucario-EX (11 packs worth)

Iris FA (3 packs worth)

Tornadus FuF (1 pack worth)

Durant FF [2] (0.5 pack worth)

Weavile FF (0.5 pack worth)

Startling Megaphone [3] (0.5 pack worth)

Ultra Ball FF (0.5 pack worth)

Meowstic FF (0.5 pack worth)

Protection Cube FF [2] (0.5 pack worth)


I calculated the pack total in Zaft's price guide. My offer is 20 packs worth. The Lucario-EX FA is 17 packs worth currently.


My trade is on the TCG's public trade area. Go and accept it if you're interested :D

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