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Help with my Fighting Deck


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I'm pretty new to the game so I don't know all the proper combos and set ups yet. I've read what I can from the forums and put together a deck. I'm sure there's plenty of work to be done. What should I go for? What should I replace? What would a great fighting deck look like? I got lucky with a draw and have plenty of packs for upgrades so any advice is welcome. Thanks!



Pokemon - Total 12


Excadrill EX

Lucario EX

(3) Machop

(3) Machamp



(2) Greninja EX


Trainers - Total 31


Escape Rope

(2) Hypnotoxic Laser

(4) Professor's Letter

(3) Rare Candy

(2) Bianca

(3) Cilan

(4) Korrina

(2) N

(4) Pokemon Center Lady

(2) Fighting Stadium

(2) Float Stone

Hard Charm

Life Dew


Energy - Total 17


(3) Strong Energy

(9) Fighting Energy

(5) Water Energy

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not worth it running the water energy only for the 2 greninjas

not worth running 1 conkeldurr

a lot of better options than life dew

muscle band over hard charm

proffesor's letter over cilan, having both is too much, in fact 4 proffesor's letter is already too much

some switch needed for heavy retreaters, float stone removes the opportunity for high damage output with muscle band

needs baby landorus

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you can replace them with more lucario exs or even hawlucha 60 for 1 against a ex with free retreat is so underrated. also you need more draw support to get what you need

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