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Lucario-ex fa, sr, and lots of more cheap!


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Selling the following cards for packs. Accepting Plasma, FuF and BC packs.

All cards are tagged, so add me and send an offer in game. Feel free to check my binder. :)

All prizes are negotiable and im up for trades too.

Lots been sold, but i will keep adding cards to the list. The ones listed are available.


Ultra rares:


Cresselia-ex 1

Cresselia-ex FA 2

Jirachi-ex FA 2

Colress FA 12

Lysandre FA 3

Cheren FA 1

Black kyurem-ex 1

Black kyure-ex-FA 2

Landorus-ex 17

Lucario-ex 9

Seismitoad-ex FA x2 9

Registeel-ex 1

Keldeo-ex 2

M.Lucario-ex x4 1

Tornadus-ex FA 2

Tornadus-ex 1

Latios-ex FA x3 2

Palkia-ex 1

Palkia-ex FA 2

Kyurem-ex (pb) 1

Dialga-ex 1

Dialga-ex FA 2

Dragonite-ex 2 x2

Heracross-ex fa 2

Dragonite-ex FA 5

White kyurem-ex FA x2 2

Battle reporter FA 2

G-booster x2 1

Life dew x5 0.5

Crystal wall 0.5

Scoop up cyclone x4 0.5

Master ball 0.5


Secret rares:


Charizard 3








Strong energy 0.5

Herbal energy 0.25




Plasma freeze:

Kyurem 1.5

All others 0.5


Furious fist:

Landorus 1.5

Machamp 1

All others 0.5


Plasma blast and Flash fire

All rares 0.5



Skyla 0.5

others 0.25 (check binder)

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I'm interested in a Full Art Celebi EX! I have two Furious Fists packs tagged for trade, so if you would send the offer, that would be great!

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Hi. I will take Genesect EX FA, Dragonite EX-FA, Crystal Edge, Crystal Guard, Scoop Up Cyclone, SR Rocky Helmet, and SR Terrakion. Pay mostly in BC. Thanks

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