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Trading Cards for pack sale!! -new thread-


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got these for trade for FRF packs ONLY (I do have wants as well below check it we can work out a trade) ALSO I am willing to work out trades for a few less the packs requested for below if u are trading fist packs.



Secret Rares:



Pokemon catcher x1 - 9 packs





(FA) Fossil Researcher x1 - 3 packs





Cobalion ex x1 - 3 packs

(FA) Raikou ex x1 - 5 packs

(Promo) Rayquaza ex x2 - 5 for both

Articuno ex x1 - 3 packs



Also trading full Dragon vault set non stamp set x1 - 18 packs.




I do got a wants list as well:

x3 gensect ex

x3 virizion ex

x3 Max potions

x1 toxicroak ex - full art

x3 lucario ex

x5 Fairy Energy (reverse)


Comment below or send trades in game. may not get to them fast but will get to them.

will counter if have to. ( I DO NOT HAVE PACKS FOR TRADE)


thanks all for trading and looking!

enjoy ^.^

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I would love to trade for the SR Random Receiver at your price. Could you please send me the offer as I'm not online right now? My packs should be tagged. :)

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