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WTT Secret Rare Ultra Ball


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Hello! As a new player, i do not have much cards to trade around with .

This is what i can offer you.


1 Ultra Ball Secret Rare

1 M Lucario EX

1 Hawlucha EX

1 Deoxys EX (plasma freeze)

1 Thunderus EX (plasma freeze)


I'm looking for..

4 Junipers

4 N

2 skyla

2-2 Garbodor Lines

3 Seismitoads

4 Yveltal EX

4 Lazers

2 Virbanks

1 Yveltal

switches, floatstones, energy switches, bicycles, ultra balls, DCE, bicycles, muscle band and other staples.


looking for the lowest possible rarity for everything so i can fit as much as i need into the Ultra ball's value!

thank you!

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The Ultra Ball Secret Rare have a value at 60 packs!

Tjek the price on the cards you are getting on this forum at ZaftCo (Trading company) and The Top Cut Trading Inc. 2.


There are a chance you are getting rip off for that card! You can verry easy get alle the cards you want for that card.

And mutch more!!!

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