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Looking For My Wants - Offering Packs


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Sup peeps?


I finally have the time to start working on completing my collection. I've listed below some of the cards I'm missing that I am offering packs from various sets for. Ideally, I would want to pay less than ZaftCo and TC prices for those cards, so feel free to send me offers in game or PM me. Here is the list:


Secret Rares:


Ultra Ball







Shiney Legend Raikou CoL



EXs and FAs:


Kyogre EX FA

Darkrai EX FA

Fliptini FA

Coblian FA NV

Zekrom FA BW

Reshiram FA BW


Holo and regular Rares:


Klinklang PS

Klinklang BW (Shift Gear)

Fliptini NV

Zekrom BW

Electivire BC

Scizor BC



Sorry if the list is a bit unorganized but that's the best I could do ATM. I shall keep updating it with more of my wants as time goes.


Packs I'm offering currently:


Furious Fists, Flashfire, XY, Plasma Blast, Plasma Freeze, Plasma Storm, Dragons Exalted and Next Destinies.



I made sure they are all tagged. Thank you. :)

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Hello Najito.


I have spares of some of your wanted cards.

Because they are not very expensive, I am not sure if I could lower the prices.


I can offer you these:

1x Meowth SR for 3x Furious Fists packs.

1x Serperior SR for 4x Furious Fists + 1x Plasma Storm packs.

1x Random Receiver SR for 4x Furious Fists + 2x Plasma Storm packs.


Of course if you are not ok with the prices, please let me know in-game.


Thanks, and good luck with your other wanted cards.

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Got some more of my wants; list updated! Remember, the fastest and most efficient way to completing trades with me is by adding me in-game and sending me fair offers. Thanks a lot. :)

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